Sunday, March 29, 2009

Small miracles

For those of you wondering, I just didn't like that last background. I need changed but the change has to be just right or I find myself going bonkers.

I had a miracle happen today that I want to share. I am pushing to finish a book. I just have a feeling I should get it done before the conference. I was given the advice not to rush this story but I have really pondered about it. I really feel I should finish it. I hope I'm right.

I have averaged thirty pages a day for the last three days. This morning, before I started typing, I had the feeling to save my story to my portable hard drive. Of course, I ignored the feeling as I was in a hurry to get started. I began typing, excited to see how my little adventure would continue.

After two hours of typing, my power went out due to a winter storm. I could have died! I even had a battery powered backup thing so my computer wouldn't turn off if something like this happened. It didn't matter, the computer shut down. I prayed I hadn't lost anything.

When I turned the computer back on, then clicked on the icon for my book, it popped up back to where I was before I started typing today. I nearly sobbed in grief! For those of you writers, you know this pain. I did start to cry and prayed hard for a miracle, hoping my book would re-appear before my eyes. I just couldn't believe it.

Then I happened to check my task bar thing at the bottom. It had two titles on it saying, "The ring of Power." I wondered what the crap that was. At the time my computer crashed, I had an internet page up, itunes and my book. All three showed on the task bar, of course.

I clicked on the first "Ring of power" button and up popped my complete manuscript. EVERYTHING I had just written in the last few hours. I couldn't believe it! I prayed my gratitude. What are the odds of turning on my computer and having my book on the task bar when the internet and itunes had closed? Why hadn't my book closed? I closed the second "ring of power" button and saved my story to my hard drive, all the while giving thanks for this miracle. And it was a miracle.

There is no way I could have re-written what I had already done as well as I had before, and let me tell you. It's pretty dang good! I think I AM supposed to finish this story. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will not forget this! (But I will always save my story when I get that feeling from now on!)


Amy said...

Thank goodness for that! We lost our network hard drives at work due to a power outage. It was expensive and horrible. Luckily a tech guy was able to save most of our stuff but it was touch and go. Another lesson on listening to that "still small voice".

Jenn and Chuck said...

I am glad everything was alright. I know it would have been terrible to rewrite everything! I like the new background and love the family picture!!!;)

Jeri said...

what a relief. Good luck finishing up this book.

I hate that I am so quick to pass off those little promptings... ("I'm sure it's just my imagination" etc...) After the fact I can always see clearly what I was SUPPOSED to do. I have to get better at that.

Wog said...

wow awesome. i know there are so many times we should listen and we dont.... i couldnt count. im glad you still had your manuscript and im so proud of you for finishing :) your awesome and i miss you sooooo much!!!! come see me soon!! ( i would come to see you but im boycotting utah till it stops snowing hehe)

Wog said...

btw i love the new background :)

Wog said...

oh crap im writing as holly again... not doing well at changing hehe i need to get my comp up lol