Friday, February 27, 2009

The sweet smell of success!

Ah, that just finished smell of a newly printed manuscript. How good it feels to see your words printed on paper...proof of your hard work.

I have finished my story, The Guitar. I am now making a couple of copies to give to friends to proofread. I love this part. I love to find out what people think of my work. Is it as good as I think it is?

The first time I handed out a manuscript, I was a bundle of nerves. When I received it back, I was broken hearted to see so many corrections and red marks. I took a couple days to feel sorry for myself then went to work. It was my first story after all, and I was a complete amateur--never having written a dang thing before--and it did have quite a few errors! In fact, I have re-written that story four times! I think I finally have it down how I like it! That story, I call The Gatekeeper.

It is a youth/fantasy story and I'm paying my thirteen year old son read it and find any mistakes he can! He's not a huge reader so the twenty bucks is a huge incentive for him. So far, he says it's fabulous and since I am writing that story for that age group, I'm happy.

So, I now have two finished manuscripts. I hope to have them both ready for the conference in April. I am bound and determined to have them published! Wish me luck!!!


Jeri said...

I am SO impressed. That is simply amazing!

Josi said...

GOOD LUCK! I'm so dang proud of you, Melissa, you've now done what 80% of writers never do--finish a book. And not only one, but two! Way to go.

wade said...

hmm am i one of your proofers? hehe im soooo proud of you!! its amazing :) you have worked hard! and you deserve the rewards.. and i want a book dedicated to me when your rich and famous hehe misss ya tons!

Lisa M. said...

I am waiting for my copy.

Jennie said...

so dang cool!