Friday, February 06, 2009

My blue heaven

Once again, another week has gone by. I sit here in my room enjoying the tantalizing aroma of the chicken I'm baking, and watching a Harry Potter movie--for the millionth time--with my kids.

My room is a pale blue. Very soothing and very cozy. I bought a new white Chinese lantern that now hangs in the corner, creating a soft glow. I love it. Slowly but surely, I have been turning my little sanctuary into an oasis. It has now become a safe haven for me. As soon as I cross the threshold of my bedroom, I'm in heaven.

The problem is, my kids feel the same way. By the end of the day, my room is a mess. It's used more than any other room in the house. Everyone is drawn in. On one hand, I love it. I love spending time with my kids, on the other hand, I am forever taking out dirty dishes, toys, papers, little shoes and dirty clothes.

It's not a bad trade off, I just make them empty out their stuff as the day goes by. I have a king size log bed with a beautiful white quilt with delicate blue flowers covering the top. Many a time it has visited the washing machine, yet has still held up to the abuse my kids dish out.

Sure wits I could change the forest green carpet! Yuck!

By the way, this is not a picture of my room, but it's the very same color. My room is a little smaller and not quite as fancy. Close, but not quite.


Josi said...

LOL--why can't we have nice things the kids think are lame? I love that color.

Junipers Jules said...

I had bedroom envy! My bedroom is the 2nd smallest room in the house. My kids migrate here often, I have 2 in here right now.

Annie said...

I was gonna ask you if that was actually your room. I was all like, whoa, this woman lives in a catalog!

Jennie said...

i love this room! how fun! what a great concept! there isn't a room in my house that makes me feel that way!

i need to change that!