Monday, April 02, 2007

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

I have succumbed. I went out and bought an Ipod. I have been looking at them for quite some time. EVERYTHING for mp3 players are made for ipods it seems. That was frustrating. I have a little mp3 player that holds 250 songs but I hate that I can't have all the music I love on it. I have to pick and choose. Now I don't have to. I got the white 30 gig one. I am already in love.

The other side of me thinks it is a complete waste of money but I'll tell you what, I was SO irritated this morning on my treadmill with my other mp3 and it's stupid case that it kept falling out of that I finally said, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So here I am a proud member of a world wide club of ipod owners. It was so fun to get. It was like a party for me at Cosco. Everyone was really excited for me and congratulating me! It made it fun! It was like a coming of age!

Anyway, that is what I did today. I have been saving my money for one but I am still nervous to tell Bryan. I did not discuss it with him first. He'll be fine but he'll think it was a waste of money and unnecessary.

I am so happy though! I feels like Christmas!


Lisa M. said...

Ah Congrats!

WE love the IPOD in our house, though there has been the same, irritation about having to buy one.

I'm excited for you. Vix got a waterproof MP3 player, for Christmas and she uses it every day, while she swims. She is LOVING it.

You're hip, you're trendy, and you deserve Christmas year round!

I am so proud!

Yolanda said...

It is so NOT a waste of money and time...Not only can you run and workout with it, but you can get the plug-in so you can listen to your songs in the car, through your FM radio...No more fumbling for a station on the radio (no more commercials), or trying to find the right cd.

Welcome to the world of ipod...You'll be glad you came!

melissa c said...

Thanks guys! I do listen to it in my car and everywhere else. I bought a body glove for it that has an armband and a clip to attach it to me. It was the least expensive one I could find! But I liked it the best. I am in love. My kids love it, I love it and it won't take much for Bry to love it.

attack of The Mouse said...

Congrats. I've seen sooo many people with one, that I've almost not wanted to join the trend - just like you. However, I think I would LOVE one. I'm glad to hear you have one and that you are LOVING it. I agree with Lisa "you deserve Christmas yearround!!"