Friday, March 30, 2007

Back in the saddle again

I feel like I am back in the saddle again. Back to the normal routine of things. I got on the treadmill this morning for the first time in a month and it felt GOOD! I took it easy though. I only went a mile just to test the waters.

Lisa and I are going to start swimming laps in the EARLY morning. I am excited and so NOT excited at the same time. I love to swim and I know swimming is one of the all around best sports for staying fit that there is but I LOVE my sleep!

My little Heidi is addicted to Spongebob. Before we had the dish I remember thinking that Spongebob looked so stupid and had no idea what the hype was all about. OK, I admit it, I love Spongebob too. It is the ONLY cartoon that I will watch with my kids. I do not know what it is but there's something there! Maybe I am just sick! SICK! SICK! Maybe the surgery knocked a screw loose but I did like Spongebob before the surgery so I really have no excuse!


Maren said...

How wonderful to feel like you are back. And *ONLY* walking a mile. That sounds so good to me. The day I walk a mile, there will be major celebrations going on. That day is coming though.....I can feel it. A lot of the things you write really remind me of myself--your determination to heal and knowing that other people have healed and that you can too. I think we have a lot in common. Have a great day!

Yolanda said...

SLEEP will always win...NOT a morning person...But I TRULY wish I was!!

I had to giggle about the whole Spongebob thing...There are times when I am jolted by the sound of my children screaming the chorus line "SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!!" It's quite disarming!! But...I have notice some very adult humour, tucked within the cartoon, occassionally...

Lisa M. said...

I will never get Sponge Bob or any other cartoon. I am so lame. I didn't get them when I was little and I don't get them now. I stink.

I do love though, that you do. I think it is good for chili's to have that with their parent. I also think it is so important for parents to watch what their kiddo's are watching.

I think you do a really good job of that, by the by. I love that you are very aware of things like that.

HEY Miss Not So Morning person.. (Yo-Yo) Get off your bum and go with us. *Grin*

(I so wish you were closer)

I am excited to swim, that will be fun, I used to swim miles and miles, every day, but.. alas that has been years. Just getting up and getting out will be good for me.

I am not a morning person either. I so wish I could beat that into myself though!

Island Queen said...

Good for you and Lisa!! Swim your hearts out. I would love to swim for fitness but do not have a pool around :-(

I too love Spongebob. Before I watched it, I used to hate it. I thought it was so stupid. But now my kids and I watch it a lot. That and the Disney Channel - I love Disney :-)