Friday, March 23, 2007

I saw my new doctor yesterday and he is wonderful! He did want me to go see a GI specialist and have a cat scan done which I am going to do this morning. I am in the process of drinking that lovely barium smoothy!

He also asked if I had had the andometriosis taken care of during the surgery as most surgeons will laser it when they find it. I told him I didn't know because my other doctor never had mentioned it.

So I called the surgeon who did it and he got really defensive about it like I was accusing him of being negligent. He said " of course I took care of it!" He also asked my why I had seen this other doctor and why I hadn't gone to who he had recommended. I told him he hadn't recommended anyone. Then he told me NOT to listen to this other doctor and to only listen to him! I could not believe he would say that! Then I began to ask him about birth control to control the endometriosis and all of a sudden, the secretary was on talking to me. He had hung up without even saying good bye or anything! I was in the middle of a sentence! He had just written himself off in my book. I am not going to have anything to do with him anymore! How arrogant! How rude!

So that's all foldks I'll let you know the results since I love baring my soul to you!

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Yolanda said...

That is simply DEPLORABLE!! I am quite shocked...Good thing you hooked up with this other doctor! If your doctor is going to verbally talk to you like that, I would NEVER want him doing ANYTHING to ANY PART of my body!! You'd never know if you could trust him!

Maybe now, you will be able to get some answers, and some resolution!

Have a good weekend,
xo Yolanda