Thursday, March 22, 2007

We are in the process of potty training. It's going well, actually, but we have had a couple of accidents. But he is finally getting it. YEA!!!

I am feeling REALLY good today. I attribute it to a few things. 1. I am taking iron, in liquid form and that has been huge for my energy levels. 2. I am detoxing, 3. My sweet neighbor who is a Master Herbalist, gave me some tea stuff to put on my incision with heat, and the same thing in capsule form that rebuilds muscle and tissues. This is my 3rd day using it and I notice a HUGE difference in the pain that is NOT there anymore. and 4. I have changed my diet. I am eating an almost purely alkaline diet.

I have been studying and learned that most diseases and problems in our bodies stem for our systems being too acidic. Foods that you would think would be on the acidifying side are not. Like tomatoes and apple cider vinegar, pineapple. In fact, almost all fruits and veggies are alkalizing. The only meat on that side is chicken breast. All grains and fats are on the acidizing side. I feel really good eating this way. My body loves it but I miss dairy. The only milk that is alkalizing is organic, un-homoginized milk. I don't have a cow so I can't do that one!

I'm probably not going to stay this strict permanently but if it can fix the broblems in my small instestine than I am willing to eat this way forever. I don't want to be sick or die young. The problem is that the only way doctors are going to know if my diet has changed things is to go back in with another laporoscopy. I DON'T want to do that!! It may not be anything at all. I have never had any symptoms of problems in my intestines so I am just going to go with my "gut" feeling. (excuse the pun!)

I have prayed about it and I feel positive that I am doing what needs to be done to correct my problems. My blessing says that as I fast and pray, that my prayers will be answered. I have really prayed to know the answers to what I should do and I feel like I have them. I am seeing a doctor today who is a D.O. or maybe it's O.D. I can't remember. They tend to be more natural kinds of doctors.

It is so sad that we need tragedies and problems to bring us to our knees or the bring the desire for a relationship with God but that is how it is most of the time. I'm glad He is so patient about that!

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Yolanda said...

My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer two years ago...He alkalized his diet, and after a year, NO CANCER, as in CANCER FREE! He followed a REALLY strict alkalizing diet...the poor man survived on spinach, olive oil, sea salts, veggies, and an "alkalizing water/drink"...He is a bit more leniant now that the cancer is gone, but still cautious about what he is putting in his body.

I SO AGREE with your comments about trials and problems...When will we ever learn?!

Hope you continue to feel better!
xo Yolanda