Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Alkaline diet tips

I have really put some time into studying this alkaline diet. I have lost 4 pounds in the last week since I have been following it. I am not doing it to lose weight but that has been an added benefit.

I have learned that most of the diseases and ailments we experience are because our bodies are too acidic. One of the things that most got to me was the beverages we drink. This is what one article says.

Pure water is neutral as far as the acid goes. black tea (any kind) (not herbal) is 600-800 times more acidic than water. Coffee (any kind) is 700-1000 times more acidic than water. Soda,(pop) (any kind. regular or sugar free) is 50,000 time more acidic than water.

Do you know where your body parks away the acids so they can't damage your body? In fat cells. Your body HAS so have the alkalinity level (ph) in the range of 7.36-7.37 ALL THE TIME or you will die. It will do anything it can to keep it there, including damaging other areas of the body.

Your body will create cholesterol to neutralize the acids, which is one reason some people have such high cholesterol. It bleaches iron from red blood cells, it pulls calcium from your bones, and it steals potassium from muscle tissues because these things can help neutralize.

The "diet" is not a vegetarian one. It actually follows the word of wisdom exactly. I sometimes have a hard time disciplining myself to follow it but I have felt better since I have.

I don't mean to sound like I am on a soap box but I want to get it out there that there are things we can do to help ourselves. I have felt very strongly for myself that it need to be more diligent with my health.

A good site is www.AcidAlkalineDiet.com You can look up quite a few sites on alkaline diets.


Yolanda said...

Okay...Let's get to the "nitty gritty.." What do I need to be avoiding? From watching my father-in-law, it seemed like EVERYTHING! How have you incorporated it into your lifestyle? How do you make it a "balanced" lifestyle, not only for you, but your family and kids as well?

(Thanks for your kind words on my post...)
xo Yolanda

Lisa M. said...

I love how much research you do on things, I appreciate that about you.

Thank you for the time and attention!