Monday, March 19, 2007

Random thoughts

What happened to that rich uncle I was supposed to have?
Why is there such crap on the tv and better yet, why do I like to watch it? Hmmm.
How could I not know it was supposed to snow tomorrow?
The kids want me to bring the puppies to school for show and tell. Maybe I will. I'm a boring mom.
I love my newly painted house. It soothes me.
I have accepted that I probably will not have more kids. I am OK with it.
I truly believe I can heal my body. With faith in God's help, I know it can be done. Others have done it and there is no reason why I can't. I KNOW it can work and I know it will.
I want a pool and a pool boy to go with it.
I love it that Kate Hudson does NOT get a boob job.
I had a great weekend with my sisters. We shopped a little, went out to eat, went to a movie and had a slumber party.
I hate it that my mother is not here to take care of me during this hard time.
My Dad went into the hospital with pancreatitis. We don't know what is causing it. Hopefully it will turn around.
I have 2 brothers who live in Hawaii. I wish my husband wanted to go to Hawaii. He has no desire to go there or anywhere else fun and beautiful. He like Alaska, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. All great places but nothing fancy.
Why is my plumbing the last to be fixed when I am married to the plumber?
I want long hair and wish mine would grow overnight. I want to feel more feminine.
I love my Birkenstocks and wish the high arch ones came in pretty colors. They don't.
There is nothing better than a hot bath and a good book.
I miss sex. Bry won't do it until I am pain free. What if I am never pain free? I'll be like Queen Elizabeth. The virgin queen.
I have not been to church in a month. I am officially inactive! We did have family night tonight though!
I am gaining weight and my baggiest pants don't fit me. I know it's normal to gain after surgery but I don't have to like it!
One of these days I will run a marathon. In fact, I may run 50 marathons.
I am starting a detox tomorrow. It needs to be done once and for all.
I sat in a hot tub this weekend with my sisters and some guys tried to pick us up and asked us over for drinks.
I am going to dye my hair tomorrow. Maybe.
I miss something and I don't know what it is. All I know is that I wish. but I don't know what I am wishing for. I want definite answers and feel like I have none.
I am blessed with so much. Why do I keep wanting more?
These are my thoughts at the moment. Nothing too exciting but there it is.


s'mee said...

Quite a list!

Oh, and I lived in a house for 12 years without ever having a certain electrical outlet working. Thor is a Journeyman Wireman. One day I couldn't stand it any longer and forced him to fix it. Thor took the cover off in antiscipation of making a 10 minute fix. Once the voer was of we knew what the problem was immediately... it was just a hole in the wall, no wires, nuttin'.

s'mee said...

I need a manicure. The nails are getting in the way of typing! ugh.

Yolanda said...

You need a good book, and a good laugh....Get yourself a copy of "A Girl Named Zippy" and enjoy the giggles...

(Isn't it nice to know that you "still got it"...Sometimes it's nice to know they are still looking!)