Friday, March 09, 2007

bath time

Hello there. I am feeling better today. The cold is better, the pain in my belly is better and no, I do not have a hot tub. I have a tub I fill with hot water!

Baths are a sacred ritual in my family. My mother trained all of us girls to love the tub! There are many days when I find I just can't face the day. A good soak in the tub can change my outlook on everything. I don't know why or how it works but just thinking about it makes me want to take another and it's not even noon!

I will pass on this tradition. Actually, I think I already have. When I tell my 11 yr old to get in the shower, he begs me to let him take a bath instead. He loves to soak. Every morning both Heidi and Gabe want to take a bath before I can even open my eyes.

I think the Greeks and Romans had it right. Thank heavens for baths and bathing in all it's forms.


Yolanda said...


One of the reasons we are building a new home is that we only have ONE tub!! It's a nice, garden-sized one, but when you have 5 people fighting for it, it gets a little "communal."

I second the value and joy of BATHS!!

momyblogR said...

I almost NEVER take baths and when I do, wonder why I did, lol.

They are only fun with company. ;)