Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm back

I can only sit here for a few minutes. I had surgery Friday night. I went in and had all the symptons of a tubal pregnancy and The doc wouldn't let me go home. I was in surgery within the next half hour.

They did not find a tubal pregnancy but did find a few other intereseting things. One, I have some unuaual looking small intestines in places. He didn't know if it was something to worry about or not but in some places, it looked really different. He wants me to see a GI specialist to be sure.

It is the left side of my body that is the most screwed up with my birth defects and the other thing they found was that my left falopian tube does not not curl back down like it is supposed to. I just keeps going up and disappears. Just gets smaller and smaller. The left ovary is way up by my kidney. So that explains why it takes so long to get pregnant. I only have the chance every other month! SO WEIRD. He told me I ought to make sure I even have a left kidney to just be sure.

So, now I am sore and living on Percoset. The stuff wigs me out. I try to take as little as possible. Well, got to go. I'm tired and my incisions are feeling a little sore. This is really messing up my training schedual. Bye now.


chronicler said...

Oh Melissa. Ick. I hope they get you put back together soon! Percoset. The only way I can describe it is that the pain is still there but who cares! Feel better soon!

Yolanda said...

Take it easy for a don't want it to take even more time to heal if you over-do it! Interesting all the things they can find when they go "exploring."

Hope you heal quickly, and that all is found to be okay, even with your "whacked" ovaries and tubes...

All my love, from my heart to my own "whacked up" inverted uterus!!

xo Yolanda

Jeri said...

WOWSERS! - (I always knew you were 'weird'... and I didn't have to cut you open to verify it!;) I hope you get feeling better soon. What an experience this has been for you. Bag the training for a while, Yolanda is will just make the healing take longer. Let your body do what it needs to do - the treadmill will wait.

Love you! J-

s'mee said...

Take it easy and don't do a danged thing until you get the all clear from who ever is in charge. Trust me, it WILL take you longer in the long run to get back to normal.

Pick up some good music, books and your addiction/indulgence of choice and relax. Now is the time to allow others to help you out and be onthe recieveing end of service. It stinks, but so does spending more time recovering than you have to.

Mel said...

Oh, Melissa I am just getting caught up on your blog. i'm so sorry that you had to have surgery. I hope that you start feeling like yourself again but I'm with Jeri and Smee.. take it easy.