Saturday, April 28, 2007


I decided to follow the "Body for life" routine with my weight lifting and cardio work outs. So today, I did upper body.

Now, I can't lift my arms above my head. You know that heavy feeling? It makes it hard to shave! Or wash my hair for that matter. But it feels wonderful.

It is Saturday and I LOVE Saturdays. It is always a more relaxed day for me. Even when it isn't it still feels good to me. Saturdays are days to enjoy. I have so many good memories of Saturdays. Playing with the family, Mowing the lawn, camping trips. All of which took place on that sacred day!

Jacob now rides our lawn mower and loves it. One less job I need to do except for the fact that I like to mow the lawn too! Let me clarify, ON the riding lawn mower!

Today, the smell in the air is one that I love. It is that warm dirt smell. Like nature is waking up, stretching it's branches, opening it's petals. Heaven.

I hope your Saturday is as wonderful as mine is . Love you all.

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