Friday, April 27, 2007

I bought a weight set today. There was a guy who was selling on on "Craig's list"for 50 bucks. In great condition. It has the bench press, all sorts of leg stuff, two hand weights and all the little weights to put on them. the bench adjusts to different angles and well, the next time you see me, I am going to be a buff little chick!

I am trying to lose a little weight you know, and my sister told me that if I can just get past this plateau, she'd treat me to a pedicure. A real one. I have never had one, pathetic, I know, but I am actually very excited about it!

I think my running will be better too if I strengthen a little.

So, that is my day. Cool huh?


Josi said...

You'll love the pedicure, Melissa. Definitely worth it!

Yolanda said...

SO GOOD on SO MANY levels!!!