Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's Sunday night and I love that I don't have to dread Mondays. So many people do and I feel blessed that I don't have to worry about getting up early and going to work somewhere other than my house.

I think of my sister who for her whole adult life has had to support her family. She put herself through nursing school and then put her husband through school only to have him not want to do that job after all. He had a hard time deciding through their whole marriage what he wanted to do.

She would work and he would stay home but do no house work or even dress their baby. I am pretty sure that this contributed to their problems and then their divorce.

It is very sad to me. A marriage will only work if both partners put it all out there. It is hard to do all the time, we all know, but possible.

Anyway, she is still a nurse who has to pay the mortgage and all the bills by herself. What stress.

Plus, she is having surgery on her armpit in 2 weeks. The space for all the nerves and vessels is too narrow. They need to make it bigger or she could have a stroke. She has no one who lives with her to take care of her. She is relying on us sisters to take turns being with her. Then she HAS to be back to work within 2 weeks for work.

I can't imagine how hard. I wonder what I ever did to have such a blessed life. I do not deserve it.

I keep thinking that any day now I will be punished for all my sins that are piling up!

Well, I guess I have paid for a few of them in the last 2 months but hey, there are more!

This is what has been on my mind. Please pray for T. She needs our help and Heavenly Fathers.

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Lisa M. said...

T really is a lovely person, and I think she just glitters and sparkles.

I have enjoyed getting to know your family and I am grateful for them.

I don't think we are punished by having bad luck for our sins.

Hey wait a minute, maybe that explains something???