Friday, April 20, 2007

It's free Friday!

It's Friday! Yea! There is something about Fridays that cheers me up! Bry is taking the boys camping this weekend. His goal is to take them once a month. Even in the winter.

This is something I will be happy to let him do! I am not a winter camper. I am just fine in my big bath tub with a good book!

Did I mention that I have started writing a new book. It is so much fun and I really love just letting myself go with it. It will be and LDS fiction novel for young people. Like teenagers. It's a suspense/ scary story. I like those best. Anyway, that is the news from there.

I am finally feeling good since my surgery. I am finally starting to lose some of that yucky surgery weight I gained and my pants are falling off. That could be embarrassing!

I am really loving my new Turkish friend I met on skype. Actually he found me. I was not nice the first time I chatted with him. I figured he was just some guy trying to pick up women. We have become good friends. Bry says it takes the pressure off of him! Ha!

My friend Tash is teaching me how to clog. That is exhausting! But super fun!

So that is all for today. I love my computer now that everything is working. I hid my power chord so no one can touch it and and now have a hard time pulling myself away from the computer! I get nothing done!!!

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Lisa M. said...

I hope the camp-a-thon went well.

Enjoyed catching up.

I've finally calmed down and realized that life isn't going to kill me after all-