Saturday, April 14, 2007

Small miracles

I wanted to share this story. This happened to my sister yesterday and she emailed me with this experience. What it says to me is that God is aware of all of us and He cares about the little things. Even a little old diamond.

"The most amazing is that I lost my diamond out of my ring at work last week. It's a sweet thing that's pear-shaped and luckily I had some insurance on it but would still have to pay a handsome deductible to replace it. Usually, if you lose a ring or stone at the hospital, especially in my area that's a lot like an operating room, it's pretty much a goner. As soon as I realized it was missing, I told everyone I worked with about it so they'd keep their eyes open. My coworkers helped and even my neurosurgeon was on his hands and knees...sweet! You don't get that view too often! Even my anesthesiologist went through the bathroom garbage! An act of true love and commitment in my opinion...yuck! I was shocked everyone was so helpful. Of course they shared all of their "stone stories" which almost all had a poor ending. Two hours later, after searching 7 garbage cans full of bloody horrible unmentionables, I found my stone in a garbage I'd already gone through. Just before this though, I had begun to accept the fact that it was gone and that attachment at this point to the stone would make me miserable and started to see the whole event as the 'perfect misfortune' I couldn't change when I started having this nagging thought to check 'this one' garbage again. All of these garbage cans are huge. I was caring for a child at the time who was unconscious so didn't get to it for over an hour. The thoughts were unceasing...'need to check the one garbage one more time and shake everything out...' So, I did this and low and behold, in the very bottom the the bag was a sparkly thing!! Funny how when I was worried about it, I couldn't hear/get the hints of where to find my 'present' but as soon as I accepted my fate of losing it, I could hear them. This ring is a special one so I feel very blessed. I call it my "Oregon ring" since the diamond is shaped like a rain drop and it had two of my blue sapphire birthstones in it in the shape of triangles, another meaningful thing to me. I found out the next week that another nurse in the O.R. had the same thing happen to her the same day! Amazing".

this really touched me and I wanted to share it. When we are free to receive inspiration it will come. We clutter up our lives to much with anger, worry, and stress. Thanks T. I love you!

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Maren said...

That is a neat story. That is so true that once we can accept things as they are and not *need* them to be different, that is usually when we are open to or receptive to the spirit and then change (or answers) naturally begin to flow from there.m