Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yea for life!

Well folks, We have it. I feel so spoiled! The funny thing is, it is a pretty simple car. Yet, I have never had such a nice car. I love the cd player. Something so simple but I have tons of cd's and my old van only had a tape player. We never changed it because, well, we never did.

I love that it has air conditioning. Niether of my past two cars did. I REALLY love that I can adjust the seat belt hight for me. Love that! I love that it is clean and my humble vow is that it will stay that way!

I love the two back sliding doors. How nice to get out and get G right behind me and not have to walk ALL the way around the car!

You know what it feels like? It's the same feeling I had when I came home from my mission and SO appreciated washing machines and hot water. We take so much for granted and we are so blessed here in America. We have no idea how easy we have it compared to so many others.

Just living in a house that does not have cement flooring is huge! Not to mention all the fun kitchen gadgets we enjoy here. I guess my point is that I feel like HF is giving me a break. Making my life easy and nice for a while. Little things that make a job easier and faster are so aprreciated in my world! You probably all feel the same way.

Our job as mothers and fathers is tough. We run, run, run, all day long and sometimes feel like no one appreciates it. I think He appreciates it. Waddle on!

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Lisa M. said...

I love it! I saw it ! It's lovely and of good report.

I'll try not to be green with envy!