Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I cannot believe I lost my temper like I did on my blog! But If I can't write my true feelings here, then my blog is pointless to me. Anyway, sorry. Now you all know that I have a little bit of a temper. Must be the Irish in me.

I wrote what I did, like I did because I know that the person I wrote it about will probably read it and I feel like I can't say what I want to face to face because I am not listened to. There really is probably no right or wrong here so I don't know how it got blown out of proportion like it did but If people have a problem with me, well, sorry.

If you haven't figured it out, it deals with family and family is always ruder and harsher than necessary it seem like. None of my friends would even think of talking to me like my sisters do sometimes. Thank heavens for those friends who know how to hold their tongues even when they might want to say something critical. That is something people need to learn to do better in families.

The sad thing is that the kids pay for it. My kids are best friends with their cousins and yet I have no desire to spend time with family at the moment. I am sure they think it is all me and that I am being......whatever, but I am so tired of ALWAYS being the first to apologize. It just doesn't matter enough to me at the moment. I have a great life and if my sister wants to be a part of it, she needs to be a little nicer. Is that rude to say? I don't need the friendship of people who constantly critisize me or make me feel like a failure or make me feel less than.

I need to be around positive people. I can't hang with poeple who bring me down and I have found some wonderful friends here where I live who I adore. Than heavens for them. They are women who love me and know me well, and accept me for who I am and what I am. I cherish them and you all know who you are. That includes you too Yolanda!


s'mee said...

Hey Melissa, all water under the bridge, I mean, who hasn't vented at sometime and then regretted it (or not)? Besides, that's what this whole thing is for -right? Truth, good or bad, or just venting so you don't pop your in-laws (or anyone else!)when they are critical! lol

As for that previous post's commenter...it would be nice if they could be as truthful and at least acknowledge who they were. It is hard and courageous to be honest, even make a mistake on line, when everyone knows who writes it, but to annonamously call you out is cowardly.

You are correct. No one should judge without first experiencing your life first hand.

Lisa M. said...

I wuv ya!


Yolanda said...

Two peas in the same pod, you and I...I tend to be rather blunt at times, and some people just can't handle it...I find it refreshing of your candor and honesty...I also agree with S'mee on EVERYTHING...A resounding "ditto" from me!!

Isn't it amazing how we've never met (yet), and we can count on each other for support, and friendship? LOVE IT!!