Sunday, October 29, 2006

crazy day

It's Sunday Morning and I sit here trying to not be irritated with my husband. We have been up since the crack of dawn since no one in this house knows how to sleep in. I have been dressed and ready for 3 hours! (mainly because of the extra hour we get with day light savings)

We have to leave in 1/2 an hour and Bryan is still in his feeding clothes. (clothes he feeds the horses in). I just yelled at him and threatened to kill if he makes us late! The next thing he did was give my 4 year old and open face sandwich with "Nutella" on it AFTER I had already dressed her in her church clothes. That's just about grounds for murder.

My husband is such a beautiful, smart man that it amazes me he can be such an idiot sometimes!!!!

Speaking of idiots, today I teach the gospel doctrine class. Not last week like I thought. I went to church last week all prepared to go and then found out after I got there that it was this week I was supposed to teach! The good thing is that I am completely prepared and that nervous, scared feeling I had last week is gone. Guess I used that all up last week.

This week I am actually excited to teach. It's a great subject and I understand what I am supposed to teach. I hope the spirit is there too!

I got some new Birkenstocks that have a high arch. The normal ones feel really good but I have always felt like I could use a little higher arch on the right side. They are talking a little getting used to but so did the origional ones I got. I couldn't walk after wearing those for the first time! Plus they stretch out that tight tendon on my right foot.

Well folks, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! Catch you all later!


Lisa M. said...

You looked so beautiful in Yellow today!

I loved your shoes.

Thanks for sitting by me.

Maren said...

*laughing* husbands can certainly drive us nuts sometimes.

I hope you lesson went well.

Yolanda said...

It's not your's SATAN!! I have the SAME talk with my husband EVERY Sunday morning...He seems to be in the foulest, agitated, irritating, most impatient mood each Sabbath morning as we are "trying" to get ready for church...Then...miraculously... as we drive home after church each week, we all have the feeling of calm, spiritual renewal...

Satan...What a turd!!

Lisa M. said...

Um it isn't Sunday anymore.


Happy Halloween.

love ya!