Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It is a very sad day. Our beloved minivan died today. On the way to pick up H from preschool. Thank heavens B was working close by!

I think we will bury it in the back yard.

We are in the market for a new one. I want an 8 seater, with all the bells and whistles for 8,000 or less! Think I can find one?

I was looking at a Chevy Venture but the back is too small. I have a friend who works at a dealership who is helping us but I think we could get a better deal buying person to person. Without all the dealership stuff.

It comes in threes you know. Within one week, my microwave broke (that we had had since we were married), my washing machine broke and now my car. Thank heavens we have our big old 82 van out back to cover my --- until we get a new one! It's a huge thing where the upholstry is torn, it's a noisy diesel and we love to travel in it.

Anyway, if anyone has good advice about minivans they want to share, or a favorite kind or whatever, I'd love to know!

It's so much fun to get something new. New for me at least! Ha!


Yolanda said...

You may certainly buy ours from us...It's a 1999 Nissan Quest,leather seats, fully loaded, which I would give you for a STEAL of a deal!!

(Nothing wrong with it...I am just vain, and have "tried" to be a "van" person for the past 3 years...LOL)

Seriously...I would sell it to you in a heartbeat...Let me know...


Yolanda said...

TOTALLY under 8G's

melissa c said...

I'm interrested. where do you live? Tell me more about it. How do I give you my email without giving it to the world?

Ana said...

Good luck! I love my new-to-me Odyssey but I think you would be hard pressed to find a good one for that price ... I am honestly a tad embarrassed to think about how much I am paying for my car crush right now.