Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!! It is a beautiful day and I am so excited for it. At the moment though, I feel very irritated.

I have just about had it with self righteous people who think they know how it is. I am just going to vent here for a minute and if you want to click out, it won't hurt my feelings.

My husband and I own our own business. There is no such thing as "Saturday". We WORK every day but Sundays and sometimes even then! We don't have the luxury of a "day off" and the few times when Bry doesn't have to work on Saturday, we have SO MANY things that need to get done that have been waiting for so long that we try to get to those things.

I am SO sorry we can't go help others every weekend like some people think we should! I am so sorry we are such selfish people that we can't help like other, more wonderful, giving people can. Maybe if we got a big fat salary check every month, we wouldn't feel such pressure to work every day. If Bry isn't out there, we don't eat and we don't pay bills. If I am not here at the computer working the paper work, we don't eat or pay the bills. That is in between everything else I have to do.

I think the people out there who judge others for their lack of "helping" have no idea what someone elses life is like. It is very easy to judge and say " I am just as busy as you are". That may be true, but unless you are completely self employed, you don't know the stress that comes with "not working". Especially for someone like Bry who has angry people and contractors breathing down his neck DAILY because construction isn't going as fast as they want it to.

My husband works harder than any man I know. He works longer hours and comes home dead and the time he does have off are going to be spent with his babies before they go to bed. If he makes it home before bed time!!!!!!!!!

Until you have walked in another's shoes, don't act like you know everything!!


Anonymous said...

your husband is a very hard worker, which is why your sunday didn't go well. maybe if he had a lettle help?

melissa c said...

Ummm, I don't know who you are are what you are implying but we both give %100 in our home AND marriage. In fact, when it comes to Sunday mornings, I do most of the work. I get all the kids ready and feed them and make sure we are not late. All he as to do is get up and feed 4 horses which takes all of 10 minutes! We both work very hard and if anyone needs a little more help, it would be me, thank you!

chronicler said...

Melissa, people just don't get it. It is usually the "chip and dip" folks that can just drop a dime herefoodchronicles and there that have the ability to say you and yours aren't "contributing" enough. Baloney! Your first obligation is to your family, then church, not the other way around. Don't let anyone tell you anything different.

Lisa M. said...

Your husband rocks, Missy, and guess what? So do you.

You both are some of the hardest workers I know.

I totally understood when you were talking about Bry in your post. You were not belittling him, just irritated with one of those millions of things we do every day, with out really thinking.

I had such a good time on Monday. THanks for thinking of me!

Lisa M. said...

Anonymous... Take a deep breath, and a better look at yourself.

Sometimes, it is so much easier to belittle other people, rather than looking inward.

When you point your finger at someone, remember there are three pointing back at you!