Friday, October 13, 2006

Is it just me or are there alot of people in a slump as far as bogging goes? I know this time of year is busy but I sure miss how it used to be!

Tomarrow, our relief society is going on a field trip! I am so excited and have been looking forward to this for 2 months! We are carpooling down to Salt lake and will tour all the church history stuff, eat lunch at the lion house and see the newest church film that is out! We each only donate 5 bucks to the cause and the rest is free.

There are 56 women going! I think I will probably drive my new car! I LOVE spending time with friends. I know there are women out there who never do anything with friends or who even have any outside their families. I think this is very sad. Women friends can enrich our lives so much.

The best thing to happen to me was for all my sisters to move away. I never made a huge effort to have other close friends because I had my family. I love that I have made some girlfriends that are like sisters to me now. We can sit and chat on the phone for hours! Hard to believe? I am great at multitasking!

Anyway, What a gift our friends can be. Thank heavens for the gospel that brings us together. ANd other things too. It would be so much harder for me to meet people sinse I am normally so busy during the week. Well, gals, I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope you all comment on my blog!


Lisa M. said...

It was SO dang fun!

I really enjoyed it.

I loved seeing the Beehive House. I have been there many times, but I always notice something else.

I also loved, and I mean LOVED the new Joseph Smith movie at the legacy theater.

Eating at the Lion House, was a treat too.

Most of all though, it was just fun, visiting with everyone and reconnecting with our sisterhood.

Mel said...

56 women! that is a great turn out. I too love the Joseph Smith movie! I hope you had a good time.