Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy new year!

Well, here we are again. This is the 37th new year I have seen. Weird. I have not made any new years resolutions yet and I know I am not going to keep them if I do!

Isn't that terrible! I thought about the "losing weight" one, but I have done that one before. I thought about doing the " read scriptures everyday one" but I know that won't happen. See what a sinner I can be?

Maybe I am being a little pessimistic but I think, If I haven't gotten it down by now, Is is really going to happen? Making goals is a wonderful thing and I am all for it. But I also know that out of "drifters, pursuers, achievers, and over achievers", I am probably somewhere between drifter and pursuer. If it is something I really want done, I do it but I am not one of those long term people. Those of you who know me well, know that I get all excited about things, it lasts for a month and then I'm done. It just fizzles out. I am a tea light. Man am I cute, I burn bright but not for long periods of time!!!

I do want to make cookies more often with my kids, be a better friend to them, have sex more often, and keep my house better, but who doesn't?

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Jeri said...

Hey there Miss! Yes it is I - the one and only Jeri! True confessions...I found your comments on Char's site, and the corresponding link to your site, and I have been checking out your Blogs - I thought several times about sending you a hello, but for some psychotic reason I felt wierd about it - just popping out of nowhere. Don't ask me why - some freak of my nature I suppose. (there was always the remote chance that you weren't REALLY the Melissa I thought you were...)

It has been fun reading these glimpses into your life. LIfe is good for me. I'll ask Charlotte to send me your mailing address and then I can add you to my 'once a year- family update - mass mailing" list. This year's letter includes a photo of my little family, then you can appropriately tell me how adorable my hubby and kids are:) (I have 3, DS6, DD3, and DS1)

I'll keep checking in on your blog - so know that I'm there, even if I don't say hello. I've had so much fun reading up on you and Charlotte, it almost makes me want to be a blogger!

Glad you are happy, healthy, and surround by love. That is as it should be! WOuldn't it be fun (although not realistic at all) if we could all get together for a girls night reunion at Charlotte's cabin? Fun times we had back in the good 'ole days eh? That be as it may, I don't want to go back. I love where I am now and wouldn't trade who I've become (and still becoming) for anything in the world. (Now how's that for philosophizing???)

Love you! Jeri