Saturday, January 20, 2007

I'm cured!

I have found the cure! It make take a while but I am cured! OK, here it is. The bone in my foot that has been the bane of my existence is called the cuboid. It is kind of a rectangular thing that sits right in front of the heel bone on the outside of the food. On me, it pops up a little because of the fallen arch thing. The problem bone on me is number 7.
Top view

Once a month, when I see my chiropractor, he adjusts it. It is a tricky move and one I have tried to teach the hubby, but one he can't get. He can pull traction on it and adjust that way, but it doesn't get the right bone. Anyway, last year, when my sacrum was a problem, I started to use a hammer to tap it back into place. I got the idea from my chiro because he has this little thing that thumps a bone into place when it won't go any other way.

The hammer gives Bry the heeie geebies but it works! So I thought, dang! Why don't I just hammer the cuboid down when it needs it. So everyday, before and after my run, I do this. IT WORKS!!!! It still feels a little sore sometimes but no where like it was! So I have been running every other day to start out and I feel so good! Yea for imagination and a little inspiration! I really believe HF put it in my mind.

He helps those who help themselves. That is a hard one sometimes but I am starting to believe that we can figure those little mysteries out with his help. Who would have thought that my foot problem was from fall arches? The bone is question doesn't even have anything to do really with the arches. Plus, the pain caused was not even where this bone is! It was hurting back by the heal. It was the tendons being pulled in the wrong direction! I would never have figured it out on my own! Now my dream of running a marathon is at least possible in my mind! It may be a while but after almost 5 years of constant pain, I am on my way!


Mel said...

Melissa, that is really cool! I hope it works for you!

Maren said...

That's awesome Melissa. Keep the faith. Miracles can and do happen.

Yolanda said...

Be careful...I'm with B...The thought of you using a hammer...yikes!

Come visit my blog...I need your help!

momyblogR said...

Yay for YOU!!

Lisa M. said...

Oh goodness.

I hope it works.


melissa c said...

OK, It's not yikes. I don't hit it hard enough to break my foot! I do have a pain threshold for pete's sake! I tap it. Just enough to put it back where it belongs! You're all a bunch or worry warts!