Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Babies!

They are here!!!! Newly arrived on Sunday, January21, 2007! I, of course was the midwife and held her hand the whole way through! There is something as beautiful as the miracle of birth whether human or not! Cookie did great and we are so pleased! She is the best little mommy and never wants to leave her babies. I had to put a hook on my closet because I just don't trust MY babies to not mess around with them! We have 2 boys a a girl. The brown one is the little girl. They are Shmorkies! From a Shih Tzu mother and a Yorkie/Maltese father.

So, Now I am a proud grandma.!

Just a note: Go to Yolanda's site! She needs every one's impute for something she is doing!


Maren said...

Congratulations! They are a bunch of cuties. How fun.

Oh, I answered your questions about what I have on my walls on your Good Friends post. I don't know if you saw that or not.

Jeri said...


I actually thought about haveing my own Blog - after I've had so much fun reading yours and Charlotte's - I'm still just not convinced that I have anything to say... I have a tendency to be pretty guarded in things that are personal...

I'll keep thinking about it.

s'mee said...

I recognise that face on the momma! Yikes she looks tired; poor thing! Congratulations gramma!

Charlotte said...


I was afraid of the same thing. If you look at the first entry of my blog, it's like 3 lines or something, and I think it ends by saying something about how I was feeling pretty tentative about blogging in general.

So, don't feel pressure, but it is kind of fun. I'm surprised at how many people have been interested in how many times I've beaten Eric at Racquetball or whether or not I'm going to wear my wedding dress to the reception. It's also been a good way to keep my family aware of things. Jacob found out that Becca & Ryan bought a van while reading my blog, and then proceeded to send Becca a (kiddingly) angry e-mail for not keeping him in the loop.

As to privacy, in the beginning, I used alias names when speaking of my friends, part to protect their privacy and part because I just thought it was dang fun to come up with outrageous names. You'll notice that I've never written the actual town, or county of where I live, just that I'm in Northern Utah. As far as what I write, I don't share anything nearly as personal as what I share in my own personal journal. When I write, I try to picture one of my aunts or uncles or cousins reading it, the ones that live far away, rarely see me, and don't know me all that well. If I'm not uncomfortable with them reading what I'm writing, then I go ahead and post it.

Beware though, it's kind of addictive! I find myself blogging at times when I really should be doing something else (like now, for example).