Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good Friends!

There is nothing quite as refreshing to me as good friends! Good friends are like a glass of ice water for me, and remember, I LOVE water!

It's like being out hiking and you are so hot and tired and your feet are burning with that hot, sweaty feeling in your socks and hiking shoes. NOTHING feels better that taking off those shoes and sticking your feet into a cool stream. Nirvana.

It's like being so cold on a winter day and getting into a hot tub. Good friends make me feel this way. I love finding old friends who are as excited to be together again as I am. It makes feel feel solid. On a firm foundation.

New friends are the spring flowers. Beautiful, fresh, and something lovely after a bleak, cold winter.

I was reading my comments from Jeri about Depends and just laughed out loud because she is right! I can't wait to get together. We need to see if Melinda can come too. To be honest, I don't remember the names of the other 2 gals. I am getting old and rickety!

Anyway. I just want to say how much I love the women in my life who I feel supported by, who make me laugh and best of all, who can make me wet my pants!


Jeri said...

Amy and Wendy. I now have Wendy's contact info, but not Melinda or Amy, We could start searching tho... So here's the question - if we find melinda and she comes, are you going to give her an eyeliner - for old times sake?:)

I agree with your friend sentiments - it has been so DELIGHTFUL to be chatting here with you are Char - feels so perfect! In fact, that's what inspired me to finally get Wendy's info adn send her a ntoe, as well as Amy J (A roomie for me after you all were off and gone...)

Jeri said...

I found anumber that I think might be Melinda - I called and left a message. I'll let you know if I find her:)

melissa c said...

Oh Jeri, thats wonderful! And you know, I could give her an eyeliner! I sell Mary Kay you know. Well, Sometimes I sell it! *smile* Most of the time I store it!

Jeri said...

I stored Mary KAy for while myself. Until I decide that someone who wears make-up about 6 - 10 per year SHOULD NOT be trying to sell it!

melissa c said...

*laughing* I sure miss you!

Maren said...

Hi Melissa. To answer your question about the art I have on my walls, I have stuff from a variety of sources. I bought some prints that I had framed from Here is a link to one of them called "Guardian of Light"

I also have a bunch of eclectic pictures up. I have the Gospel Picture Kit and I put up my favorite temple pictures and pictures of Christ from there. Greg Olsen has some of my favorite Christ pictures, but Simon Dewey has some nice ones too. This last month's Ensign had some really nice pictures of Christ in it by Simon Dewey that I cut out and put on my wall. My wall is really a rotating bulletin board of sorts. I put pictures up that make me happy and change them every month. I keep an eye out for pictures that feel good to me and illustrate health and energy and everything that I am striving to someday experience.

Maren said...

Oops... let me try that link again

Guardian of Light