Friday, January 26, 2007

thank heavens for the little things

It's amazing to me how little it takes to make me happy. Tonight, when everyone else was downstairs watching tv, I filled my big tub. lit my candles, turned on Ricardo Montaner and floated into heaven.

I never thought I would be able to hear Ricardo again. I was in love with his music my whole mission. It is so beautiful. My favorite is "Dejame llorar". (let me cry). Anyway, thanks to modern technology, I just turn on my computer, and he's here!

I have always been a music lover. It touches me so deeply. I am drawn to it. In the last 3 days, I have either downloaded or imported almost 5000 songs onto my computer. From LDS to Broadway,to rock and roll and classicals. ANYTHING I can think of. Why? What is it that drives me to do this? It is because music moves me! I want my favorite sounds to surround me whether I am in the car ,cleaning or working out.

This also helps me appreciate silence. People don't put enough stock in silence. I also love silence and I don't listen to it often enough.

I am so grateful for my talents with music. I am not prodigy but I can hold my own most of the time. I hope I was part of the Heavenly Choirs. I should be happier to share my talent which I am not always. Sometimes I get tired of only having callings where I do music! But thank heavens I can. I may only be mediocre but who cares. As least I can play a little John Denver on the guitar and sing when I feel like it. I miss being in a big choir like I was in college. My dream was to be in the Tabernacle choir. Who know, may be someday!


Lisa M. said...

I think you're amazing. I love to hear you play the guitar and I hven't done that enough.

When ever I go to a choir concert or play, when ever I hear an accustic guitar, I always think of you.

I love music more, since having met you.

s'mee said...

Every Christmas when we were little, our mom would read from Luke and share the story of the Saviour's birth. When it got to part of the "heavenly hosts singing" she would stop and tell us that we were a part of that choir. We know that we lived in heaven before we were born, therefore we were a part of the hosts in heaven, and thus sang and rejoiced at His birth.

I always liked that. : >