Thursday, January 11, 2007

oil of oregano

We have been sick at our house for 2 months. Not the kind where you cant get up. just this border line stuff that makes you tired and cranky.

A friend of mine told me to get oil of oregano. She swears by it. So I did. I put a few drops under my tongue every couple of hours and MAN! My sinuses were cleared. I was cleaning the house! I felt great. I was ready to play whoopee with Bry at bedtime!

He wasn't though so I have been giving it to him. He thinks it tastes like turpentine! I woke up at 5 this morning reading and revving! I haven't felt this good in ages! It's better than an antidepressant! Here are some of the benefits I found on the Internet about it.

"What makes Oil of Oregano so great?

Oil of Oregano has many properties that make it useful from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. It is also useful everywhere in between. Starting at the top of your head, it kills head-lice and works as a dandruff fighter when mixed in shampoo. It is antibacterial, so it works great in liquid soap on the body. A drop in back of the ear lobe gets rid of ear infections. Putting a drop on the temples helps get rid of headaches. Inhaling the vapors clears the head. A drop on your toothbrush in place of toothpaste will surprise you. If you swallow after brushing you get an added benefit in the stomach. A drop or two in a gel capsule two to three times a day will get rid of candida when swallowed. Helps to heal cuts and scrapes when applied topically. It relieves pain at the joints when rubbed on those areas. A drop on your chest will help you sleep by purifying the air around you. Applied to fingernails, it will kill fungal growth. It works on warts, too. Keep it away from your eyes and groin area, it will irritate and cause much discomfort. It is amazing how fast it works on athlete’s foot; you can feel it working immediately. Taking a few drops a couple of times a day while traveling will kill microorganisms and parasites. This is especially helpful while traveling abroad. These are only some of the many uses for Oil of Oregano on the human body.
Benefits of Oregano Oil:
Oil of Oregano has been shown to have beneficial properties for the following conditions: digestion, parasites, depression, flu, constipation, rashes, brain fog, lung fungus, toe and fingernail fungus, head lice, aching joints and muscles, warts, athlete’s foot, eczema, flu, headaches, toothaches, ear infection, fevers, allergies, burns, bleeding, fatigue, arthritis, sprains, back pain, colds, when sprayed, cleans air, kills bugs on plants, kills fleas, lyme disease, canker sores, gastrointestinal/colitis/diarrhea, e.coli and try it for what ever else bothers you.
allergies / colds / gastritis / arthritis / cold sores / gum disease / asthma / colitis / neutritis / athlete's foot / congestion / prostatitis / backpain / diarrhea / psoriasis / insect bites / ear aches / ringworm / bleeding wounds / canker sores / bronchitis / eczema / sinusitis / toothache / candidiasis / fatigue / flu / lung congestion / head and body ache."

Try it. Be sure to get the GNC brand. It's cheaper than a name brand. Don't be afraid of the price. For how much you drop on your mouth, it will last a while!


Lisa M. said...

I love ya Granola girl, but there isn't a fat chance I am swabbing myself down with foul smellling stuff.

I'd rather be sick.


I love that you are willing to try these new things. I am such a chicken. I am glad it is workin out for you.

May there be many happy seductions, at the hand of oregano oil or .. um any other kind.


Anonymous said...

I swear by oil of oregano myself... and Lisa, I couldn't care less whether you swab yourself down with garlic or drown yourself in Lancome Hypn├┤se, but please refrain from calling this particular oil "foul smelling stuff". Some of us have actually developed a LIKING for the aroma, and have come to equate it with good health and well-being. Imho the people for whom everything in life is about appeasing our taste buds are either walking MSG bombs or ... the very same.