Monday, January 15, 2007

100 things about me

A hundred things about me. cool. I think I will try it.

1. I love my July birthday.
2. I love fall best
3. I love the smell of alfalfa just cut.
4. I love going to the county fair with my kids
5. I love black and white paints (horses)
6. I love my new colorful house.
7. I was born with numerous birth defects including... missing ribs, scoliosis, a backwards heart, hair on my side and an extra nipple. (that produces milk when I am nursing)
8. I love that I am married to a man who sees none of those things and thinks I am perfect and sexy.
9. Where my ribs are missing, my mom called my "tickle hole"
10. I always loved that I had a tickle hole and no one else did.
11. My nick name from my mom was "missy pissy".
12. I love that name and now call Heidi my "missy pissy"
13. I love that my mom made me take piano lessons.
14. I am so glad I paid for more myself in college.
15. I always felt stupid in school and got bad grades.
16. I just didn't believe that guessing on the SAT would be worse than not guessing. I will not reveal my score for this very reason!
17. I hate my nose.
18. I am a firm believer in laser eye surgery.
19. I am not a cook but do enjoy it sometimes.
20. I love pancakes for dinner.
21. I went to New York with my dad when I was 9. Loved it.
22. I love my boobs since I have had kids.
23. I feel terrible about lying to my mom when I was in Jr. High so I could go to an R rated movie with my friends. I still feel guilty about that.
24. I was not a virgin when I got married. But is was with my hubby.
25. I too loved painted toe nails but french manicures on fingers.
26. I love to make my bed in the morning.
27. I am not a saver. I love to give things to the DI.
28. I served a mission to Venezuela.
29. Fell in love with my zone leader. The feeling was mutual. We never did anything unmissionary like.
30. I miss my mom terribly.
31. I used to say I was sick all through elementary school so I could stay home.
32. I ran away from kindergarten every day and had to cross a 4 lane street to get home
33. I loved to sleep with Gram and she taught me the 'Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer.
34. I loved to dip my toast in Grams tea.
35. I have an amazing patriarchal blessing.
36. I had a dream last night that my dog had kittens.
37. I always loved going through my dad's dresser and looking at all his "stuff"
38. I love art
39. I love museums
40. I love popcorn. REAL popcorn the kids you make yourself
41. I love to run but can't most of the time.
42. I LOVE to read. I have read every genre you can think of.
43. I loved Vegas but never gambled once.
44. I do not like my bishop. I dread him giving me a calling because I can't stand him. Isn't that terrible. The thing that makes me feel a little justified is that Lisa feels the same!
45. I don't like babysitting other peoples kids.
46. I love water. The ocean calls to me. I could soak in the tub for hours and whenever I eat out, I always just get water. Because I love it.
47. My left hand has beautiful, long nails. My right hand doesn't. Don't ask. I don't know.
48. I only have a couple of friends who I love to hang with. Where we go out, go to movies, eat etc...
49. I love my hubby's armpits. I don't know why. He hates it. I think they are sexy.
50. I love daisies best, and pink poppies too.
51. I love that my little girl told me this morning that I am pretty. I said, " but not as beautiful as you", and she said " that's ok. pretty is good".
52. I was born in Eugene, Oregon
53. My parents were told that I would have to have many surgeries to correct my problems as a child. I received a blessing, and by body grew in the exact ways they would have had to put it in surgeries. I have never had an operation yet. I am strait and perfect.
54. I was the only girl out of 8 babies blessed on my blessing day.
55. I have a terrible temper that I have had to learn to control.
56. I have seen my dad hit my mom and one time, slap my grandmother. There were times I hated him.
57. No one ever said anything about the violence in our house because we were ashamed.
58. I hate working outside of the home. I have never enjoyed it.
59. I sell Mary Kay. Sometimes.
60. I took piano lessons for 13 years.
61. I took voice lesson for 3 years
62. I took guitar lessons for 1 year
63. I tried to teach myself violin lessons. It didn't work.
64. I have taught piano lessons off and on for quite a while.
65. I was primary president for 6 months and asked to be released because of so many awful problems that involved my bishop and a counciler. I still feel like a failure over it.
66. I have been a choir director, music leader, primary music person, ward music chairman, webelos leader, primary teacher, 1st counciler in the stake relief soc. in college, and maybe a few more I can't remember.
67. I always loved the gospel and was never rebellious.
68. I never sluffed classes.
69. I love sex but never seem to get any.
70. Got my first kiss at 17 from a boy who kisses all the girls he goes out with. LOSER!
71. I hardly dated in high school. All my good friends were boys though.
72. I did not like Bry for the first10 years I knew him. He was too skinny, too nice and not LDS at the time.
73. I feel tired a lot.
74. I love my bed
75. I have never really excelled at anything. I am good at some things but not "wow" at anything.
76. I always wanted to be a 'Young Ambassador" but was not accepted to BYU
77. I wanted to be on Broadway but was too chicken to make it I think
78. I Love to exercise but I don't look like I do.
79. I love history
80. I am ashamed at how selfish I was to my roommates in college. Please forgive me guys. I was a bitch and I acknowledge it.
81. I love going to the movies.
82. I almost never wear makeup anymore
83. I love to eat out
84. I hate swearing but I do swear sometimes. Trying to cut down.
85. I have always compared myself to my little sister
86. Every boy I liked in college, liked her instead. I wish she would have been uglier.
87. I got 'A's in music and an "f" in foods in jr high
88. I love dogs and tolerate cats
89. I love my horses but never do anything with them anymore
90. I hate pop. Pop of any kind. It was hard on my mission. That's all anyone could drink.
91. I hate it that I am the only one really who's active in the church in my family.
92. I love getting blessings from my husband.
93. Polygamy would not bother me. I would love the support and help. No body else would get sex either since my husband is so tired all the time!
94. I love love watch tv. I probably watch too much
95. I love all kinds of food. My mouth actually watered at the sushi platters in Cosco on Saturday. Didn't know I liked sushi that much.
96. I love old rock and roll and old country.
97. I notice classic cars now when I see them .. Bry loves them. I always think "oh I wish bry could see this car!"
98. I want to travel to Europe
99. I never thought I would think of anything this long to write
100. there is so much more! I love writing about me! I am a yellow after all!


Charlotte said...

So, I'm trying to remember ways in which you were selfish as a roommate, and I'm coming up empty. I thought you were a great roommate. I don't remember anything about living with you that wasn't fun and joyful and great. Claro, there would have to be some things, since it couldn't have been perfect, but I sure can't think of them now.

What I do remember are some good, good times. I remember sitting on our beds, singing together while you played guitar, and going up to Bountiful with you when you went through the temple for the first time, and singing "Oh Divine Redeemer" in what seemed like every church in Cedar City. I remember the day we won the electric train (I think about that every Christmas when I set it around my tree), and teasing Dr. Shanklin together in Opus, and the black and white poster of that candid shot of various SUU students, and how we would "white-in" ourselves and our friends (with white-out) because none of us were in the picture properly. I remember the collage of pictures that we put on our bedroom door-all pictures of us, being cheesey.

Those are some of the memories I have. I remember that being a hard-ish year for me, because I felt like so many people were moving on with their lives (Jeri on the east coast, you going on a mission, many of my high school friends getting married) and I didn't feel like I was. But, even more than that, I remember laughing. As I look back over my "college roommate collection", there are probably three years that really stand out as my favorites from a roommate standpoint. The year that we roomed together is one of them.

Jeri said...

I'm with Charlotte here - I was trying to think of all the "selfish stuff" you did - and I kept drawing a blank. I finally recalled an issue with you and Melinda - (and Rob) but if my memory serves (which is certainly a debatable point) it had as much to do with Rob being a jerk and Melinda being insecure in their relationship as it did iwth you...

My main (negative) recollections of being in the apartment with ya'll have to do with ME being self-absorbed and "emotionally challenged." Luckily, most of my roomie-days are filled with love laughter and fun memories. I also LOVE the memories of that Christmas Char won the train. WE had the greatest tree that year! (even if we did have to tie it up with the blind strings to get it to stay up...) I have pictures of us all dressed in our Sunday best in front of that tree (and train) I still have the box of ornaments from that tree - the multi colored balls with each roomies name written on it in glitter paint. I hang them on my tree every year. - unfortunayelt, I lost a few this year - my little Bry like to eat them...)

I also remember that big group date we had (like 24 people) crammed into our little apartment. (I have some fun pictures of that one too - including me and Melinda with "train wreck" (food in the open mouth) pictures). I probably remember these things because I have the pictures to refresh my memory.)

remember that picture we had hanging in the kitchen ? I can't remember the name of the movie - had the picture of those 5 (or 7) guys... I'll have to grab my photo album and l0ok it up - I have a picture of Amy kissing the poster... - I hate this - the name is right on the tip of my tounge! Anyway - Just remembered - Young Guns was the movie

I also still have a tape of you singing - with Charlotte. I don't know if these are the right names, but my two fav's were "I can't help the way I don't feel" and ... oh man - another BLANK! I tell you - my brain is like a sieve! Myabe it will come to me later - it was about someone who dies. (was it you guitar teacher maybe... or maybe a song your guitar teacher wrote about someone they loves who died? If you know hwat I'm talking about, tell me the words - I'm sure if you get me started.... oh wiat - it came back... "Friends they come, in ever shape and size"

Anyway - I'm glad you can recognize in what ways you were selfish - so that you can grow and move upward and onward, and I'm glad that none of us remember any of it. Isn't it nice how it all works out:)

Love ya!

Jeri said...

wow - maybe I should proof read BEFORE I post things - what a whole lot of typos - oh well - I think you'll get the main idea!

As I was re-reading, I had fun memories come back to my mind about Char roating through her cookbook - in alphabetical order... in order to try new things. Fun fun memories. We really do need to get together and look at old pictures and have some laughs!


melissa c said...

Now that you bring them up, I do remember all those fun times. That was my funnest year in school ever!! I Loved you guys so much.

the thing I am remembering is with Rob and I borrowed an eyeliner from Melinda and really liked it and never gave it back! on purpose!! How rude!!

The rest of the fun I do remember! I even remember putting tape around our whole room to divide it!! Do you remember that?

I wish we could all get together and go out to lunch or something. My mom did that with her roomies from BYU every year. They were so close. Could we do that?

Lisa M. said...

She probably stole all the men and ate all the good food.

that is what she does at my house!

s'mee said...

Interesting list! and, sad but true, I am with ya on #45

Charlotte said...

I'm totally game for lunch sometime, if you're serious about that. The three of us should get together on e-mail and figure out when we can make that happen.

Oh-and I still rotate through my cookbooks (although not alphabetically--oh no, I have a MUCH more involved system now), I still rotate my clothes, I rotate the routes I take to go jogging, and I even rotate the CDs I listen to (often). I tell you, I've arranged a life for myself where I need never make another decision. Agency? Who needs Agency?


Jeri said...

I'm game - let's do it! (and luckily for eric, he won't be borrowing many of charlotte's things, so he won't have to worry about putting them back in the the "proper rotational order"

(I suspect I should buy a package of Depends for the occasion, as I expect more laughing than eating...)