Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yea for Cookie!

I do believe that my little Shi Tzu, Cookie, is pregnant. I found out that it is only 2 months for their gestation period. She has become so much more mellow.

In the time that has gone by since we got her, she has improved immensely. She likes to be with me the most. She will lay at my feet when I am on the computer or next to my bed if I am there if I don't invite her up.

She seldom has accidents in the house but that is because I don't give her to opportunity. She will deliver the 3rd week of Jan. How fun! We will be having "Schmorkies". A mix of a pure bred Shi Tzu and a Yorkie/Maltese mix. How cute. I found out that a lot of people prefer mixes. They have fewer health problems, allergies and seem heartier. They go for about $400.00 on the Internet!!

Since we had Cookie shaved, she has grown out very fluffy and cute. What an adorable little companion. I have started to watch the show, "Dog Whisperer". What a fascinating show and I have started to implement what I have learned and it has worked wonders! It's on the national geographic channel.

Well folks. I'll let you know!

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Maren said...

Congratulations to Cookie!!

Happy New Year. I hope you have a wonderful 2007.