Monday, December 18, 2006

Life is your dance

My friend Tash has this book called “Life is your dance”. It's a kind of a beautiful scrapbook you fill out. These are the questions in it and I loved them so here we go.


  1. My favorite music: Music that inspires me! I love to feel energetic and music that makes me feel this way is some of my favorite but I love it all!

  2. My favorite song lyrics: “I am no mermaid” and here they are.

    We went down to the edge of the water
    You were afraid to go in.
    You said there might be sharks out there in the ocean
    and I said I'm only goin' for a swim.

I was swimming around in circles
I wasn't always in view
You said we might get into red flag danger
and I am alone when I'm not with you.


    But I am no mermaid! I am not mermaid!
    I am no fisherman's slave
    I am no mermaid! I am no mermaid!
    I keep my head above the waves!

We were swinging from the center of the ceiling.
you were afraid to give in.
I said, “ I know I'll always live for this feelin'”
and you closed your eyes and said “never again!”

I was dancing in the middle of the desert.
you said “we'll burn under the hot sun”.
I said “I'd rather be the color of pleasure
Than watch like you from under the thumb."

repeat 1st verse

I love this song because it reminds me to LIVE and not be afraid of life! The music rocks too! It's from the soundtrack of Message in a bottle.

  1. Peaceful places: I think my number one peaceful place is in my bath tub, I also feel this way in the mountains and if I want to stay clean, the temple.

  2. Peaceful people My cute little, old neighbor Joyce. She is 50 years older than me but seems my age. She makes me feel calm

  3. Some of my favorite people I really enjoy my kids. They are so much fun. They are happy and love to play. I really enjoy happy people. They are my favorites!

  4. I went looking for beauty and I found Women. I truly believe we are on this earth to make it beautiful. It wasn't until God made Eve that he commanded they go and dress this garden. Ever wondered why? Hello! Women are the cherry on top, the frosting on the cake, the last, best thing.

  1. If I am not I, who will I be? I can't be who I want to be. I don't want to work that hard. I know these women I admire and they WORK. They make the world better and I am not sure if I am capable of what they do. I don't want to find out and then feel like a failure! That's just the honest truth.

  1. Glorious loves of my life -Oh my, The first would be Stephen. I still love him. I still think about him and hope he is happy. We met at SUSC and he was my first real love. Then came a few others here and there but the next one I really loved was Jared. I still love him too. Sometimes I really miss them. I have a hole in my heart where they no longer are. I know he too is married and happy I hope. I met Jared on my mission and wanted to marry him after we came home and dated. and we were very much in love. I was at the temple when I was specifically told I was not supposed to marry him. I broke his heart and he couldn't stay in contact. It was terrible. The next true love was my beautiful Bryan. The rest is history.

  1. Parts of the world I would like to explore: I want to go to Europe and I would love to see Africa. I love our earth and really want to see it all.

  2. Best memories of home I love to remember the holidays. My mom made them wonderful. I loved sleeping with my little sister and we would tickle each others arms. Actually, she would tickle mine and then I would pretend to be asleep. I remember playing dolls and sitting under the stairs with Gram going through old boxes of memories.

  1. Things I love I love baby animals, good books, Thunderstorms, Sunsets, watching horses run, sexy thighs (men's thighs if you please), good music and good food.

  1. Where is your quiet place? My quiet place in is my mind. On the coast of Oregon on a white horse. This has always been since I was a small child. I don't know why I created it but I go there when I am afraid or lonely.

  2. New ways to show someone I care I don't know. I will have to think about this one.

  3. My brightest moments When I am singing I think. I feel happiest when I sing. I hope I was one of the Heavenly Choirs that sang when Christ was born. I was at a Messiah sing-in the other night and when it came the the Halleujia chorus, It was so powerful and wonderful that there are NO words to describe the feelings I had. I want that feeling for the rest of eternity!

  4. I used to be afraid of... but now... The dark. I used to have the hall light on as a kid. Now, I can't stand to have ANY light showing in the room and that is hard when you have so many electronics in your room! My husband thinks I am a little anal about it and he is probably right!

  5. I will keep in touch with So far, I have already failed at this one. I have a hard time keeping in touch it seems.

  6. flowers that I like best daisies, daffodils, anything dainty and beautiful. I really love them all but the little ones and the spring ones. I also love lavender.

  7. the smartest thing I ever said to myself I am still trying to think of that! I have a few mantras that I say to myself. I like to tell myself that I am a great mom. Hopefully it will be a self fulfilling prophesy!

  1. what I like about myself I feel like I am friendly and that I can like pretty much anyone. I have boobs now too and I like that! I was not so well endowed before my kids!

  2. my wishes I wish to be able to kneel before God and not be ashamed of myself at the end. I wish for ALL my children to be strong in their testimonies of Christ. This is the truth. My heart breaks for those parents who's kids have chosen a different path. I so hope my kids will be faithful. I am trying my best to teach them but who knows? I also wish to be a marathon runner one day!

  3. my kindred companions I only have a few really close friends that I tell everything to. You know who your are. I hope it always stays this way. I love you and thank you for loving me even though you know me so well.


Deb said...

Neat....I liked number 9 the best!

Lisa said...

I love you, BECAUSE I know you so well.

The rest... is history.

Maren said...

Fun. I like posts like this.

You asked about my physical challenges. I collapsed two years ago and became bedridden for over 18 months. I am healing now and making so much progress. It's been quite the journey. Things are going so well now though. We have been greatly blessed.