Thursday, December 21, 2006

White Christmas

This is what it is supposed to look like the week of Christmas! The people in Colorado are pretty lucky to be having a white one.

Those of us here in BFE, Utah are not so lucky. YET!!! This December, it is a beautiful, dead, brown outside. Cold enough to make it unpleasant but not cold enough to wear heavy artillery.

I have so many memories of beautiful, snowy Decembers. I love the snow for one month and then I am ready for Florida, but Christmas just isn't Christmas without it.

My sister and I would wrap baggies on our doll's feet to go out to play in the snow. I remember how the dogs in the back yard would make paths in the deep snow to where they wanted to go. My sister had her big dog back there once who pounced on me, pinned me down in the trench and proceeded to lick my face. I was screaming for help. Now remember, I am only about 11 or 12 here. My older sister came out, saw me, laughed and went back inside. She was sadistic back then. I don't remember who saved me but I was scarred for life.

Some of my best memories were of family nights when we would go to Hannah Holbrook Elementary as a family to slide down the hill. I was huge and steep and SO MUCH FUN!! We would go home freezing. My little sisters and I would get into the tub together and it would hurt so bad while our skin thawed out. My Dad always hated activities like this but every once in a while, Mom would talk him into it.

I love the winter time for short periods. It is a time for children. A magical world of wonder. May we all experience a white Christmas this year! Merry Christmas!


Lisa M. said...

I too want snow!

When is the family coming?!

momyblogR said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!