Wednesday, December 06, 2006

busy busy

Hi ya'll! I'll give you a brief update. I have almost finished painting my whole upstairs. I don't think I'll even try to tack the the basement. I'm tired. All last week I painted the kitchen. It's pretty big and I still haven't painted behind the fridge. I can't move it! Then I painted Heidi's room. She wanted a pink room and boy is it pink! It is the Pepto bismal room now! But it is growing on me. I have it accented all in white. Very cute. Then I did the living room in 2 colors. Muslin and Balsam beige. I really like it. It is very soft and warm in feeling which is what I was going for.

I have found that I am very picky now as to what I put on my walls. I want a certain look and I have given quite a bit of my old stuff the DI. They just seemed out dated and white trashy. I went shopping at Tai Pan trading company with my sister and bought lots a cute things. Love that place.

We are all battling that flu/cold that is going around. My throat is burning as we speak. Actually it's not my throat. It's more like the nasal passages at the back of my nose. Too much info?

Jake is home from school and Heidi is coughing and so is Gabe. Seth is the only one not sick. Yet. Poor Bryan goes to work everyday for the last week feeling like crap. We got this from that little foster baby we took care of for the week. He ended up going to live with an aunt.

Anyway. I still have two bathrooms and my room to paint. I don't know if I will get to my room. I am tired and there are a lot of heavy things to move in a small space in here. Well, I think I will sit down and fold a batch of laundry while I watch Judging Amy. I love that show. Bye now.


Yolanda said...

YEAH!! I'm glad you posted!!

Lisa M. said...

Well Melissa, my dear.

I stopped by last night, with my annual Christmas gift, but um NO ONE was home.

What the heck is that about!


Let me know if I can come and help ya.

No sickies though!