Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Paint brushes, rollers, tarps, overalls, and yes, paint. Can you guess what I am doing? I have waited for four years to paint my house and I am tired of waiting for the hubby to have time to help so I am doing it alone It's not as hard as I thought. Just time consuming. I am doing my kitchen right now. I love having color. I am doing it in a light sage. Bry doesn't like it but I do and I gave him plenty of opportunity to come with me to pick it out.

I love color and I have been living in a pure white house for a long time. We are putting down baseboards because the house didn't come with them. I hope it will look good after it's all done.

I was thinking how "they" say that your home should be a bit a heaven, like the temple. Well, one reason the temple is so peaceful and conducive to the spirit is because it is clean and beautiful. So I am working on making my home more beautiful. like a piece of heaven.

I am affected by my surroundings. When my house is a mess, I feel ornery. When my house is clean, I feel refreshed and happy. I walk into my living room now and just having a coffee and end tables makes such a difference. It looks complete. It stays neater. The kids even try harder to keep it nice. Well, everyone but Heidi. She still likes all her stuffed animals to take naps on the couches under the arm cover things.

I wish I could show you a picture but I left my camera at my sister's on Thanksgiving. Anyway, I'll show it to you all when I get it back! Happy Holidays!


Yolanda said...

Good for you!! I have about 4 different layers of paint in my home!..It is a great and inexpensive way to really give a room a totally "lift." Definitely post pictures when you are done!

s'mee said...

I am excited for you! For years I would tell my clients, "It's only paint!" meaning that if you don't like it, heck, you can change it out easy!

I love change and when you see some new colour on the wall or new arrangement of furniture it can make you day!

Happy for you, now get that camera back!

chronicler said...

How nice! I have a very chesive palette at my house. Each room flows into another. I love the colors and I hope you like your when you're all done. Painting is woman's work I say. Because just like you, if it were men's work, it's never get done.

Yolanda said...

Are you lost in all your painting?! I'm missing your posts!!

xo Yolanda