Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hello everyone! Well do you want to hear the lastest news? We have a new member of the family. She is a Shi tzus. She is pure bred, a year old, black and white, and adorable. The people who first bought her paid $850.00! They just put her outside and left her! They gave her to my dear friend Tash to train and do whatever she wants with her. Tash told me I could have her if I wanted.

I was over there today and she is so sweet. VERY well manered. Doesn't bark or bite and believe, me, if she were a biter, I'd know! I had to hold her down while Tash tried to trim all the knots out of her hair! I think I'll take her in to get groomed! Anyway, I have always wanted a little lap dog to cuddle with. Duke and Jenny would love to sit on my lap but they weigh too much! Plus, they are outside dogs. Great to go running with.

My kids are in love already. They think it is so fun! I hope I still thinks she is fun as the days go by! Right now, it is only the trust issue of not going potty in my house which so far, so good. Anyway, Maybe we'll breed her and get some cute "little" cookies. That is what we named her. The name she came with she didn't seem to know anyway!

Well, thats all folks!


momyblogR said...

Aw, she sounds cute. Good luck!!

Lisa M. said...

Goodness. That's neat!