Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thank heaven for little girls

There is something so sweet and beautiful I feel when Bry brings Heidi in in the morning to snuggle in bed with me. She is the only child upstairs with us and he gets up so early. He peeks in at her and half the time she is sitting up with those big black eyes blink blink blinking at him! So he carries our little fairy in and puts her to bed with me.

We snuggle and she caresses my face and tells me she's the princess and that I am the queen. She says she loves me over and over and wants me to sing "rock a by baby". That is her favorite song. She is so skinny that I could wrap my arms around her twice. I cannot explain what I feel for her.

She is my only daughter and our relationship is a little different than the ones I have with my boys. She is so girly and feminine and I love it. I wish she could stay 4 a little longer.

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That is what she is. Little girls are so special and I know God wants us all to be safely taken care of by loving parents.

I read in an LDS book once that the reason men are given the priesthood and not women is to make them equal to us. We have such a greatness that men cannot even begin to obtain on their own. This makes a lot of sense to me. Not in an arrogant way, but on my mission, I noticed how most of the branches and wards were made up of women and children. Women have a natural tendency (usually) to be spiritual. Men need that extra push is seems in so many cases. The priesthood gives that that extra push and desire to serve and to love God. Thank heavens for that.

May god bless all women and mothers who really are the losers in the wars and abuses that go on in this world. I pray it will all be made right soon.


Maren said...

That sounds really nice. I do hope that I have a girl someday.

Lisa M. said...

Oh, so beautiful. She really is just a doll.

(and always has been)

I am so glad, I have had the chance to have my girl.

It's just different.