Monday, November 13, 2006

blessings in strange ways

It is such a pretty morning. The snow was softly falling and when it was still dark out, It looked so serene. I love that. I love being tucked in a warm house when it is cold outside.

Cookie is still beloved by all. She has wormed her way into my heart. She has been so easy and is potty training so well.

I had always heard that dogs or cats are so theraputic and that they help relax you and bring peace. I thought that was a load of crap for a very long time. My big, hairy golden retrievers were not relaxing to me. They shed like crazy, Jenny tries to eat off the table and is sneaky and is a submissive pee-er. She drives me nuts. I swear she has got to be the stupidest dog I have ever had. Duke is wonderful but hairy, and usually dirty from playing outside and started to pee in my basement after we babysat the neighbors dog when she went potty down there. We couldn't break him of the habit so he became an outside dog and so is Jenny. I feel nothing but stress most of the time with them. And guilt for not playing as much as I should with them. Although I do take them running with me. Which is hard because I am still training Jenny to heal.

Anyway, the point is, Cookie is very soothing to me. I feel realxed and at peace when I stroke her and watch tv. I love it. She is so sweet and quiet and gentle and loves the kids even when they won't leave her alone. She is sitting on my lap right now as I type this. It's so cute. I love this dog and I really love that she doesn't shed, eat off the table, pee when she sees me, or cause me stress.

I truely believe she is an answer to my prayers. I had been praying for some kind of help to bring more cheerfulness into our house. I felt like we needed a little more happiness but I didn't know how to go about it. Cookie is not what I was planning on for an answer but here she is and there is so much less contention. Amazing. I feel very blessed.


Tash said...

I am so glad u love ur dog...u have been such a good friend to me im glad i can return some of it to u..can't wait to get her and rocky together to run around while we hang out..heh..they should be pals quick i think. course we have to wait till cookie goes out of heat so we wont have lots of little rockies running around yet LOL :)

Lisa M. said...

I am so glad you have found some of the things you are looking for. Isn't it neat what pets can add to our lives? I know mine certainly have.

It's great to be home again, I missed you.

I'll have to come and welcome Cookies to the family. What a cute name.