Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Sunday! What a good day it has been. Chrurch was really good even though I had a terrible headache clear through, my kids were naughty and noisy clear through sacrament meeting and as usual, S, will not participate in primary. He sits there sulking and I just don't know what to do with him! He has had such a hard time lately. I just don't know how to help him.

I've been sitting here looking for land in So. Dakota. We have relatives that beg us to move there . I don't particularly want to move right now but land is cheap right now. I found 3700 acres for sale for 55,000. We could at least have hunting grounds for Bry. I am going to check it out. It may just be located in no mans land!

I have my friend's dog over here trying to make babies with cookie. I found out that she's a limited registration, meaning, she can be registered with the AKC but none of her litters can so I am not going to worry about finding a pure bred Shi Tzus. Rocky, the male, is a Yorkie mix. They are going for at least $700 right now! WOW! Anyway, Cookie and Rocky will make the cutest babies.

Cookie is so adorable. Still. I think she is probably potty trained by now but I haven't given her a chance to really mess up. She is so sweet.

Our relief Society is going to a dinner/play in December. I just love this presidency. They plan so many fun activities. Yes, they cost, but I am willing to pay for girl time with my friends. Plus, it's only 7 dollars. I think it is important to hang with the gals. I love my ward. Wonderful women. Well, I hope you Sunday is good too. See ya!

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Lisa M. said...

Happy Days.

This post made me smile.

Though South Dakota doesn't

What the hell is that?

I want to be sure to go to the thing in Decemeber. Sign me up.