Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wow! What a day! I painted my room! It looks wonderful!! I would show you because I did take pictures but I don't know how to download just those pictures and I need to get the other ones developed before I delete them.

Anyway, I did it in blue. Blue is such a soothing color for me. IT is in two tones. A light blue and then a slightly darker blue on the wall with the window. I rearranged a little and it seems like there is so much more room in this little space of mine. I have to have my computer desk in here because there are only 2 phone jacks in the whole upstairs!! One in the kitchen and one in my room! How stupid, I know, but I didn't build it!

I love to organize and I threw a lot away and am giving a lot to the DI. I love a clean, immaculate room. I love neatness and it is so unusual in my house! My poor hubby. I've put him to work putting on the base boards. He's out there now nailing away. I did sand and paint them though.

I want it to be beautiful for Christmas. I am so proud of the work I have done. Normally, I would never have taken on a job like painting my whole house. I think I am going through that change you go through when you are maturing in years! I have heard that in each stage of life, a whole new level of confidence comes through. I feel motivated now in my life than I have ever felt before. Maybe it's that I have realized that if I want something done, I have to do it myself and am willing to now.

I don't want to get old. I want the wisdom and experience that comes with age but I am wanting to keep the body I have. Smooth skin, strong muscles, health. I know it doesn't have to change that much but there is really no way to stop the aging process all together. Where is that fountain of youth when you need it?

Well, I AM exhausted so I am going to sign off. Have a wonderful night!


Mel said...

I want pictures! Blue definately is a soothing color. I bet your room looks great!

Maren said...

I painted most of the rooms in our house before I got sick. I love how paint can dramatically change the appearance of a room. We still need to do Reilly's room and two bathrooms. One of these days, when we are literally *back on our feet*.