Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh my gosh, everybody!!! I just found out one of my oldest friends is on blogspot now too! She and I were roomies at Southern Utah university! She is wonderful and funny and cute and sooooo talented! She is a great writer and makes it so much fun to be alive! Everyone go visit her and let her have a big welcome to our corner of the web!!! She is at

Anywho, I think I may be done painting for now. I could still do a little more and I need to before Christmas but I am just about all painted out. I don't know if I can lift another roller! I think I may have overdosed a bit!

I am totally ready for Christmas and I love my new dining table. I just bought it. I have always wanted one and always felt it just wasn't a priority. Well, I am having Christmas dinner at my house this year and really want something a little nicer than the old table that has unscruboffable food on it! Actually, it's not that bad but ugly anyway. I'll put a picture on as soon as I can get my lazy but up and take one!

I've missed you all! So sorry I haven't been around. You all make my life so much more wonderful. I love you and I sure hope this season is wonderful for you too!

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