Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The skin tag

Many of you have requested to read my short story that won Peach Days this year. I have posted it to the left. I will only keep it up for a week as it takes up a lot of room and I am too computer illiterate to know how to do it any other way. he he

So, the topic for today's discussion are skin tags. Ever heard of them? Yes, they're gross but a fact of life none the less.

They are little protrusions of skin that appear out of no where. They are sent from Satan to bother and annoy us. Some think they come as a part of aging. Maybe so, but Satan has a hand in it.

There are ways these pesky little varmints can be removed. The expensive way is to have your doctor cut it off, freeze it or some other procedure that your insurance wont cover.

There are ways though, to take care of it at home. I was looking up these methods yesterday on the web when I came across a few.

The first was to cut it off with fingernail clippers. I have a small skin tag on the front part of my shoulder just above my arm pit. It made it's debut just after my first child was born. I tried to cut it off then, but it bled like a sucker and grew back! Tenacious little devils!

So, I let it alone, conceding defeat. I have once again gained enough courage to attempt the impossible. I sterilized my fingernail clippers, closed my eyes and just DID it! It hurt a bit, but when I looked down, it was still attached. Even though the clippers were completely closed. The dang clippers were too dull to cut it. They just pinched it and that was all.

So, my little skin tag filled with blood and looked so much prettier than before! I got back on the computer. There had to be a better way. They suggested tying a thread around it to cut off the blood supply. It would fall off in a couple of days. I tried to get both Bry and Jake to do that. The pansies wouldn't even try!

Then I came to a page that said to use Tea Tree Oil 3 times a day. Diluted with water. That sounded easy enough, so that is what I am doing now. I will let you know how it all turns out.

We'll just see who is toughest here! Me or my Satan sent skin tag!!!


Jeri said...

great story! you deserved to win(of course, i haven't read the other entries - but yours is great)

Josi said...

Yeah, I think I'd go with the tea tree oil as well--yikes. Great story! Did it win-win-win then?

Lisa M. said...

Twist it and use medical tape to hold the twist.

It will die and fall off.

Tree Oil?

Um ya, that will work.


Ya know I love ya

Tash said...

lol i think ur silly :) think of all the pain we do to make ourselves look good hehe. id go tea tree sounds least painfull lol

S'mee said...

This *is* so gross. But as long as you brought it up... About three or four years ago I discovered what I can only describe as a skin tag although it doesn't have the regular hangy type of deal going on. It was in the middle of my forehead, because yeah, why not? And it was more of a bump of skin, no discolouration, a slight raised little circle in the middle of my danged forehead!

The other night we were in stupid ridiculously smokey Vegas and I was literally nauseous from the smell of my own skin. I headed to the shower and began to scrub. Um, trust me when I say I have scrubbed, poked, picked, pulled, squished and even tried the string method on this little bumpy thing. It was too flat for the string, but evidently the Las Vegas smoke in combination with nausea, heat and a forceful shower scrub were enough for the forehead tenant to move on.

Unfortunately it bled like a, well, a head injury and I had to hold my finger on my forehead for like three hours while I watched the RNC. Now, I have a lovely deep red dot in it's place while it heals over. I looked like an Indian Princess.

Look out Bollywood!

Good luck with the tree oil.

melissa c said...

K I have to admit, I couldn't quit laughing at this one! How hilarious!

Hopefully it doesn't leave you being an Indian princess for the rest of your life! lol I hope not!

That is a great story though!

Yolanda said...

This entry made me laugh!! The best part was the fact that the "men" in your life wouldn't participate!

Thanks for sharing your story :)