Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I just read the book "Fairest". It was an adorable story. I love stories that make you feel good. At the beginning, I almost put it down. I don't love the fantasy books that have tons of unusual names you have to wade through. This book had some, but not tons.

I was able to get into it a few pages in and really enjoyed it. It's a great book for teen girls. Especially those who don't feel pretty. (Which is all of us at one time or another).

Anyway, I love reading kids books. It gives me an idea of what my kids are reading. I don't think my boys will read this "girly" book but who knows? I read and write stories about boys. Why couldn't boys read stories about girls. All I have to say it boys are weird! Will we ever understand them?


Yolanda said...

Would you recommend it for a 10 year old, who thinks she is a teen?

melissa c said...

I would definitely let a 10 year old read it. She'd love it.

Jeri said...

UMMM hey - where did the story go???