Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have a friend who has just started blogging. I adore her! She is wonderful and could use all our great "girlfriend" support. Take a trip over to see her. Her blog is....

So, I went to the massage therapist yesterday to have my Psoas muscle rubbed. Yes, I called it the wrong name in my past post. It's called the Psoas and it's kicking my butt! It's getting better, slowly but surely.

I am almost finished with my book. I only have a couple of chapters left! It's strange. I'm afraid to finish it. Maybe some of you writers know what I mean. It means it's almost over. The editing can begin. Is it good enough? Did I leave something out I shouldn't have? Did I say too much? Is it interesting enough? I want people to not want to lay it down. Is it that kind of a book? ARGGGGGGG!

I like this stage of just creative writing. The hard work will have to begin now!
I am totally excited about it but dang! It's scary!

So there it is. Have a great weekend!


Lisa M. said...

I so have already been.

Being the obvious trend setter that I am.

How is the tree oil working?


I AM GOING TO THE BODY EXHIBIT with you, do not leave me home or I will be madder than a hat, and I know where you live!!!!!

Tash said...

im excited for you to finish...especially to read it!! lol and no matter what anybody else thinks just that u finished it is an amazing feat! and when u become the next stephenie meyers, just dont forget us little peons lol

Maggie May said...

congratulations, you've already accomplished a huge feat. i hope the editing goes well for you:)