Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fixed again

There's hope for me to be a runner yet. This spring, I had to quit running. It was all of a sudden. Over night, I had started to have a terrible pain in my groin and nothing I could do would fix it. Even if I jogged across the street, the pain was unbearable.

Well, yesterday, when I was being adjusted by my chiropractor whom I adore, he suggested that it could be a tight muscle on the inside of my hip bone. I can't remember what he called it but but I think it was the periformis. He massaged it for me. It was terrible!!! It felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. He said it was normal, and that this muscle was hard to get to and awful to massage.

He taught me how to do it and so I have been rubbing it, actually on both hips, and decided to get on the treadmill this morning to test it out! IT WORKED! No more pain.

It was caused by sitting for too long at the computer with my hips and legs at a 90 degree angle. I could feel it coming on at the time but didn't know what it was. Weird huh?

So, I am still going to swim every other day because I think I can get pretty good at that and I enjoy it but I want to run again too. Now the only thing holding me back will be my left foot/heel.

I think things can happen for a reason. There is a reason I was meant to stop running this summer. Maybe it was to meet a certain lady at the pool who I told about my chiropractor. She's been struggling with her back and there is no one better than Brad at fixing those things.

Maybe it was to show me a great alternative to cross train with. Maybe it was to teach me to over come the water in the nose thing. Who knows? All I do know is that many good things have come from this struggle.

Let this be a lesson we all remember. Out of the ashes comes the phoenix.


Tash said...

"yeah" i hope it helps i know you have been wanting to run again :) ...guess what? i posted..go look i know u will be amazed lol

Lisa M. said...

I am not sure all things happen for a reason.

I am sorry I wasn't with you, when you won your award! I should have been.

I really do plan to swim with you.

The nose thing, is a great accomplishment.

I have a new blog site. Come check it out.

Miss you. Hope you had a great Peach Days!

melissa c said...

I want to post my winning entries but to be honest, I just don't trust the internet world out there. I don't want them stolen. They aren't copy-writed.

How do I do that by the way? I am a novice in this world of words!

Did you all hear that someone took a draft of Stephanie Meyers new book and posted it on the web? That was a trusted friend too. That is why I just don't want to put mine on!

I know, I'm a little cynical but better safe than sorry, right?

Lisa M. said...

All you have to do is, put a copyright protection notice at the bottom of the document, along with your name

"Copyright August 2002 Melissa Hottie C" and that is it.

There are more formal ways to do it, but that should cover you!

I have heard about the Stephani Myers thing. How silly was that friend.

Sorry about yet again not swimming. I can't stay up all night with Ethan and then get up. I am just too lazy!

Yolanda said...

I put this answer on your other post by mistake....Go to "" and it says: explains the 3-step process, which requires filing an application, paying $45, and mailing a non-returnable version of your work to the Library of Congress.

Go copyright it!! (I want to read it!)

Tash said...

hey silly u didnt go to my blog page!! ive been writing hehe go go