Thursday, September 18, 2008


My adorable little Shi Tzus is pregnant. I am not happy about it. The father is one of the ugliest, worst mannered sheep dogs I have EVER seen. He is our next door neighbor's dog and truly, I hate him.

I know that hate is a strong word but let me tell you. He is so irritating and they don't even try to train him.

As soon as I pull in my driveway, he runs for the fence that separates our yards like he's a Rottweiler on the kill. He barks and snarls and torments my goldens to the point where Duke has a pulled muscle and can hardly walk anymore. (Duke is getting pretty old and just can't run).

They chase each other up and down the fence line snarling and trying to hurt each other. They have actually latched on to one another before through the fence. THey are so stupid. I do believe it is my dog who wins though. he he (Not that I condone this behavior)

They are not fenced in to their yards either. My dogs could leave anytime and never do. They are so good, obedient and well behaved. *smile* The neighbors dog never leaves his yard either. (unless he has a reason like Cookie, I guess) and did only to mate with her while she was out there unsupervised, doing her duty. So it is my own fault but I refuse to admit that out loud!

I'm not sure when she is due but it is coming soon as she is pretty Roley poly now!

Oh well. They will probably turn out adorable just to spite me!


Wog said...

Man your puppy is fertile mertile!! I appreciate all your comments! I love you a lot and it makes me feel good. There are times that I truly don't feel beautiful anymore (I am sure you know why). So thank you! You are wonderful! And I love your blog!
Love, Holly

Tash said...

i cant believe that!! sad thing i have 2 people who want the other pups lol...oh well what do u do hehe they prob will still be cute...i wonder how big they will get? hmmm

melissa c said...

It wont hurt to let those people see these. They may still want them because I just may get her fixed after this. She will have had3 litters. That's plenty!

Heather B. Moore said...

Poor thing! :(

Maggie May said...

oh my! preggo animals. we just had a batch of kittens last year. (and kept THREE)

Lisa M. said...

My cousin, the entire time at the reunion kept referring to her dog, as being raped.

I am sorry. I actually am AWARE of your darn neighbors dogs, and they can't possibly be worse than those horrible creatures that live on the corner.

I can vouch for your dogs though. I have never seen better trained dogs. And they are beautiful, well except for the pregoo one, who is just so ugly that it is cute.

They will be interesting dogs for sure!