Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New beginnings.

I have exciting news!!!!! The first thing is, I finished my book yesterday! WOOO HOOO! I have started editing it and it is so much fun! I have finally found my niche!

Also, I just enrolled in a writing course which I am very excited about. It will give me 7 college credits if I want them. I will work one on one with an instructor and can't wait to begin!

Third, I ran a mile this morning without having to stop! I know I have started this scene over and over again but this time feels different. For one thing, my foot isn't bothering me this time. That is HUGE! I am a little sore in the thighs but I did just begin after all! I feel great! Oh, how I LOVE to run!!!

So, there in my news. Everything is going great. Bry is feeling better and better every day, the kids love school, Wyatt's blessing is this coming Sunday and my Dad will get to be here for it. He lives in Washington and is here for a trip so that is why we are doing it now.

I feel we are being showered with blessings now that the storms are over.

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Lisa M. said...

I love New Beginnings.

Love them.

So happy about your run.