Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dooms Day

I have to say, I'm mad as hell at the way the government is spending our money! On the other hand, I do think they did the right thing in saving AIG.

I wish they wouldn't use our money or money we don't have but to avoid a scare similar to the one before the Great Depression, it needs to be done.

I had a discussion with Bry this morning. I told him that our "nest egg" wasn't earning enough interest in the bank anyway and that I wanted it out of there!

He, of course, is the level headed one in our relationship and says no. If everyone got scared and took their money out of the banks, they would all fail, guaranteed. That is was happened in the past. Everyone got scared.

Well, I AM scared. Our money will be worth nothing soon. All our American grain is promised to other countries and we (the US) owe money out the ying yang. How will we feed our country if this continues?

I ask myself, "Do we have a good enough food storage?" Nope. But my new goal is to get it in order. NOW. I am going to use some of our nest egg and build our food storage. What else will that money be good for if we don't use it now? he he

I hate to be a dooms day-er but my Dad and his wife were just here. They are the ultimate conspiracy theorists, (no offense Dad) but what they say is all fact too. You can look it up on the Internet. It's scary. Maybe more of us need to be more scared to get prepared.

I think we sometimes just hope life will go on as it is forever. The prophets have been telling us for years and years to be prepared. Are we?

My next door neighbors are completely prepared. So is my dad. Is it their job to take care of the rest of us who let it slide? Hell no!!!

It will be our own dang fault if we starve to death. Get your rear in gear! Let's get it done and be ready for anything! Especially those of us with kids who can't do it themselves.


S'mee said...

Things are scary, but it will be alright. The first thing to prepare is your Spirit. Get those Spiritual habits up to par and get ready for the challenges that will "cause men's hearts to fail."

As you are doing that begin today on the temporal. One thing everyday. Doesn't have to be big or costly. Show faith and do one thing. Buy an extra can or meal next time you go shopping. Get your house in order one room at a time, store a bit of cash each day until you have about $500-$1000 in a "sock drawer" for an in home emergency. Things like that.

I know, for me, that I have a certain budget. If I have money left over from that goes into a certain place and there is my "petty cash" for an emergency at home. Easy, no worries.

I have links at my site (do one thing)or you can e-mail me and I can send you info on how to build storage and kits relatively easy and over time without busting the wallet.

All Heavenly Father wants is your best efforts. If you fall short, or/if you have an event prior to completion, the Lord will provide "after all that you can do."

Good on you for getting started. Breathe, it will be o.k. hugs.

melissa c said...

I agree with you one hundred percent. BUT......

I think many of us use a lot of excuses and don't do it. I know that has been the case with me.

Do I buy storage once in a while? Ya, but when people have extra money, what do we spend it on? I know for me I have NOT used it wisely (necessarily).

I just have a feeling, and I know it is someone unseen who is telling me to hurry.

I have 5 kids. I have the money saved. So I know I need to just do it, which I have.

I went to Kent's Market's case lot sale this morning. I really stocked up! I had 3 carts worth!

I still want to go to a few other places to get some other things but we will be set for a few months or so.

I know most people can't do what I have done but I do know that most people have been doing what I have been doing which is not much. (Even when we can)

I know I'm not that different from everyone else. I always think, "next time I go I'll get extra."

Most of the time I forget. I have a feeling somethings coming. Don't know what it is but I will be ready. I don't want to have to go dig up my guns from the backyard and rob a store! he he

Lisa M. said...

S'mee knows her stuff.

You should ask P, what he thinks about the "theories"

I need to get my stuff in order too.

It's a good goal.

Remember seeds. BUY seeds!