Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adventures in Home Ec.

So, there I sat looking at a relatively simple pattern for pajama bottoms. I was on my way to making adorable bloomers for my costume. I was at my friends house who is also in the play. She is a wonderful seamstress but I was doing my own so she didn't have to.

She gave me the pattern and told me to cut out the ones labeled "9" and "10". I proceeded.

She came over to look and mentioned that something didn't look right. Then we noticed that I was cutting out the skirt instead of the pants. That was a good laugh. I had wasted a little time but that was ok.

I cut the out the correct ones and pinned them on, cut out the material and you know, I was confident. I knew what I was doing. I have sewed before. It's not like I am a novice. I started to sew little tiny stitches on my new machine I got for Christmas. After I had finished, I held them up to me. Tash started laughing and said I had done great if I was making the skirt after all! I had sewed clear to the bottom without leaving legs!

Needless to say, I felt brilliant! So I had to unpick all those teeny tiny stitches. The back spacing was really hard. I did get it though and I finished the pants without further ado.

Next came the elastic. Did fine there until I realized it was twisted. I didn't even bother unpicking that! I just cut it and sewed it again.

When it came to the ruffles at the bottom, I told Tash she had to do it! So I took her dress that she was unpicking, to do that for her while she did my ruffles. My next comment to her was, "you don't mind a little hole in your dress do you?" I had accidentally gone through the material just a little tiny bit!

By this time I had had it !!! Now I remember why I got a D in sewing when I was in 8th grade!!!!

The finished product is adorable! There is a cute pink ribbon and lace around the ruffles and pink bows on the outside. You don't see them much anyway during the performance but you will see them during "the Butterfly Ballet"!

I love how my closest friends are so good at cooking, sewing and all those domestic things! It helps me out when I am required to use their talents!!


Lisa M. said...

You're easy to help.

(I so know you were not talking about me)

Yolanda said...

This post made me laugh...which I desperately needed today!

Maren said...

For some reason sewing always gets me. Each time I try, I think that this time will be different, and I will just be able to do it easily. Nada. My mother is one of the best seamstresses I know, you would think some of that had rubbed off. She usually gets my poor attempts to fix. Maybe next time?


Jennie said...

my mom is a professional seamstress and she has always been my personal seamstess... i attempted making a skirt a few months ago, however, i bought enough fabric for the skirt and some pants... just havent made the pants yet... someday!

Charlotte said...

I think Maren and I might have the same mother. (except I don't remember her ever being around the house when I was growing up). My sewing experiences have been less than brilliant, to say the least.

Actually, my last sewing fiasco (which was also my last sewing experience) also happened to be in conjunction with a community theatre performance. I had to make a "Harem Girl" costume to wear in a production of Kismet. It was a disaster. I messed it up so badly that I ended up begging my roommate to sew some fringe on a black tank top I bought at D.I., and borrow part of another roommates halloween costume.

I may never sew again. (hopefully!)

(Sorry this comment is so long. Sometimes I get going and then I forget to stop.)

melissa c said...

I am so glad I am not alone out there!

My mom sewed pretty decently. And once I get going, I can do a decent job but it is like picking up a foreign language you haven't spoken in years!

Maybe it is like everything else. You just have to practice!


Tash said...

lol we just had too much fun...and i am not an expert like as long as its simple i can juggle through it. i also have a mom who is a expert seamstress so compared to her im a novice lol..but we did have fun sewing and lots of laughs right melissa ;)