Wednesday, June 20, 2007

World of Warcraft

I know many of you will think I am nuts and will think it is hard to believe, but I am a player. A WoW player. Yes, believe it. I love this game.

My friend is a player and introduced me to it. I thought it was the stupidest game I had ever seen not to mention a complete waste of time. I would go over to her house and if she was playing, I would just think"how dumb". Well, she talked me into getting it (after a year). I did it mainly for an incentive for my kids and it works great!

It has slowly burrowed it's way under our skin and now we can't get rid of it. Even Bryan loves to play and I have noticed that he is much less stressed or ornery since he has started. He created a woman who looks like Hale Berry for his favorite character. She is a warrior and he picked her because he claims girls are meaner!

We all fight over the computer! It is so fun! I can't believe I like it.

It is a game where you create your own characters and it is a world like Lord of the rings where you have warriors, hunters, priests, mages, Shamans, and others. There is the bad guy side called "the Horde" and you can create bad guys if you want.

All my characters are good guys of course! I love my priest because I can go around healing people as they fight! You are given quests and can earn mounts and shape shift etc.. Certain characters get certain traits and abilities.

The point is, it has become a favorite for our family. Weird! who would have thought! I'd love to know who else out there loves it. It has really surprised me to find out how big the WoW family really is! Too fun!


Jennie said...

i have heard of it, but never played it. my hubby is a huge gamer... ps2, psp and ps3... but he hasn't really gotten into w.o.w.

i am ok with that...

Yolanda said...

I think you may have answered my question of how to "motivate" my 11 year old...He needs something new...This sounds like something he would definitely enjoy!!

melissa c said...

Just so you know, it is rated 17 and above. I stay in the room when my kids play because it is an online game.

That is what is fun. You can play and chat at the same time with friends or family while you play together no matter how far apart you are.

I have lectured my kids about the "bad" people who are out there. I have found that most who play are pretty nice.

Lisa M. said...

I know someone whos family is in complete ruin over this game. It has become a serious , almost divorce issue.

i don't think it is the game though, just a tool-

I am glad you found something you all enjoy-