Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy summer vacation!!! It's official! Today was the last day of school. This was almost better than Christmas for me as a child!

I started out on the wrong foot, where school was concerned. When I was 4, the neighbor boy who lived across the street told me that teachers were really mean, they spanked you and did all sorts of horrible things to you while you were there.

Horror of horrors. That first day of kindergarten. I ran away everyday. I still find that odd, considering I had to be there for part of the day until recess and no one ever hurt me.

I had to cross a busy 4 lane road that normally had a crossing guard. I quickly learned to not go in the house, as my mother would take me back. I would sit out front with my feet in the gutter.

Mom soon learned that she needed to consistently check to see if I was out there. My poor sister T, had to drag me to school every morning, literally kicking and screaming.

I do remember that the running away gradually stopped and I would just cry for the first few days of 1st and second grade.

The sad thing is, that it ruined my attitude towards school. That dread in the pit of my stomach on the first day of school never left until college.

I had made every effort to make school fun and exciting for my kids. I talk it up and make it seem like the celestial kingdom!

But.....the last day of school is still my favorite!! Even as an adult! I can't wait to spend the days relaxing in the sun, camping, hiking, swimming and swim lessons. YEA!!! And now it is finally here! FREEDOM!! Free at last! Free at last! Thank God above, we're free AT LAST!!!


s'mee said...

amen sistah! I LOVED having my kids home ALL SUMMER LONG! I never wanted them to go back.

Lisa M. said...

You called me just as we were walking into the stadium.

We do need to play-

I love summer as well-

This will really be my last summer with my older kids-

It just makes me curl my toes

Maren said...

I was never a fan of school, even in college. I think I could go back now and really get more out of it--if I ever return to college, this is.

Jennie said...

thanks! that was a fun post! i love the summer... the freedom! too bad i don't get to be "free" in the summer! still have to go to work everyday!

Yolanda said...

"It's summertime summertime sum sum summertime
Summertime summertime sum sum summertime
Summertime summertime sum sum summertime
Summertime summertime sum sum summertime summertime...

Well shut them books and throw 'em away
And say goodbye to dull school days
Look alive and change your ways
It's summertime...

Well no more studying history
And no more reading geography
And no more dull geometry
Because it's summertime"

This song made me think of your post!!